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The Boys Weekend!

I didn’t get to see Isaiah this weekend but Samantha did send this picture of him. He was watching the WVU football game yesterday and he began doing this in the floor. He picks things up quickly.  Too cute!!

Caleb stayed the night with me last night. Yesterday he went shopping with me, my sister, Donna and her husband David. He picked out a Bible to take to church when he goes with me. This morning he was in bed sleeping while I showered and got ready for church. I was drying my hair and turned around to find him standing there. He was completely dressed and holding his new Bible. He was ready to go!!!

When we came home he asked me to take a picture of him with his new Bible.

He came home from church and sang this song the entire day.

I love seeing how much he loves Jesus and how he soaks up every word that he hears about Him. It makes this Grandma smile.

Chicken Paprika with Sour Cream Gravy

This was so simple to make and awesome at the same time. I almost didn’t make this and I am so glad that I did. When I mixed up the spices I worried that it would be too much but it was perfect. The recipe calls for chicken thighs but I used chicken breasts as I do not like thighs. It was very tender and juicy and flavorful. I served it with roasted brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese. You can throw them both in the oven and do something else while it cooks. This only took about 10 minutes of prep time for the entire meal.

I found the recipe on the I Breathe…I am Hungry… website. Click here to find the recipe. Chicken Paprika with Sour Cream Gravy

My Boys!

I have been very blessed with being able to spend time this summer with both of my grandsons. They are both growing up so quickly and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. Last month I went to Virginia for a few days and I got to get little boy hugs from Isaiah. Each day we went to a playground and he was so independent but he didn’t like to be far from Mommy.

This is Isaiah playing with his toy food that I bought him for his birthday. He is going to be quite the little chef someday!

Isaiah playing on the tractor. This was his favorite thing to play on. He could really make it go back and forth.

Don’t worry one of us was on the ground below the opening and one of us was always directly behind him. He would start up the stairs and then look back and say, “Are you coming?” Of course we all had to go down the slides with him,

Caleb is now playing football and learning to swim and float. I have a nice pool at my new home and he loves coming to visit on the weekend just to get in the water. On our first trip he refused to take off the water wings to keep him afloat. Now he only wears goggles, dives below the water to get things off the bottom of the pool, and can swim short distances. Last weekend he learned to float. He was very proud of himself.

Caleb is now playing football and he loves it. He is getting pretty good at keeping his eye on the ball.

So this is how I have been spending my summer. I have 2 new recipes to try today. If I like them they will be on this blog soon. :)

Cheesy Chipotle Spinach Bacon Casserole

On Thursday I met with a friend that I hadn’t seen in almost 3 years. We used to work together and would often share our lunches together. I really missed our long chats we would have over low carb meals. We have both moved on from that job and are both still struggling with food choices but will support each other in getting healthy once again,

We shared how difficult it has been to live daily while experiencing food addiction. I can honestly say that I am addicted to food. It is a daily struggle and over the past year and a half I have turned too many times to comfort food and made poor choices. She has inspired me to make new recipes and to get my life back on track. I am in a much better place now (both emotionally and financially) and I need to take my health much more seriously. I can’t keep reliving in my head what has been going on over the last 2 years. I need to let things go and only allow positive thoughts and words to flow from my mouth.

This morning I went shopping and bought a lot of food to prepare healthy foods for my meals. I hope to bring more new recipes to the blog in the years to come. Thank you my special friend for being there for me! :)

I can’t take credit for this recipe.  I found it through Facebook and I saved it in Evernote several months ago to make at a later date. Today was that day. I decided that I wanted to make baked chicken breast to go with this so I lightly seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning.  I put the chicken in a casserole dish and put it in the oven at 350 degrees while I made the Cheesy Chipotle Spinach Bacon Casserole.

This was very good and I plan to make it again very soon. I thought that since it called for 30 ounces of fresh baby spinach that it would make an enormous amount of casserole so I only made a half of a batch. It was enough for 3 servings. Next time I will make the recipe as stated on the Cut The Wheat, Ditch The Sugar website where I found the recipe.

This is how mine looked.

This was a bit spicy but I highly recommend it if you can stand the heat. If you don’t like spicy food skip the Cajun Seasoning on the chicken.

You can find the recipe at this website.

Recipe- Cheesy Chipotle Spinach Bacon Casserole 


Brussel Sprouts and Polish Sausage

This is a quick meal for 2 that can be made in less than 10 minutes in one pot. I love this one better than the one with broccoli and polish sausage.

Brussel Sprouts with Polish Sausage

  • 2 polish sausage links, sliced
  • 1 package frozen brussel sprout in steamable bag
  • 2 teaspoon butter
  • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced
  • pepper to taste
  • Parmesan Cheese

Place frozen brussel sprout in microwave and cook according to package directions (mine says 4 1/2 minutes). Meanwhile in pan melt butter and toss in garlic and slightly saute garlic. Drop in cooked brussel sprouts and cook stirring for several minutes until slightly browned. Add polish sausage and cook until they are also slightly browned. Divide onto 2 plates and top with Parmesan cheese.


Meatloaf Soup

This week I was at a client’s home and the scent coming from her kitchen was distracting me. It was every bit of heaven and I had to stop discussing insurance to ask her for the recipe. I didn’t get to try it as it wasn’t finished cooking while I was there but I did quickly get all of the  ingredients to make it for myself. This is one of those quick dump into one pot recipes for a quick meal too which is a plus.

I told my sister, Donna about it since David absolutely loves meatloaf she came over to try it too. David loved it as did I and Caleb but Donna didn’t care much for it. So three out four enjoyed the recipe. I hope you do too. By calculations it has come out to 17 carbs minus 5 fiber to make 12 net carbs per serving.

Meatloaf Soup

  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 red/purple onion, finely diced
  • 1 can Hunts Meatloaf Tomato Sauce
  • 1 large can tomato juice (I used Kroger brand)
  • 1 bag tri-color coleslaw mix (green cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots)
  • 2 envelopes McCormicks Meatloaf seasoning packets
  • cheddar cheese, shredded

Add onion and ground beef into a large pot and cook over medium high heat until ground beef is browned. Drain grease and add remaining ingredients except cheddar cheese. Cook for 20-25 minutes until cabbage is tender. Spoon into bowls and top with cheddar cheese. Enjoy!

Polish Sausage with Bacon and Broccoli

As a single woman I have found most of my recipes are just too large for a single person or even a couple who don’t want to be eating the same meal for more than one extra evening. I found this recipe to be very good, quick and it only made one serving. Of course if you want to make it for your family feel free to increase the portions. It can be easily done.

You will need to have everything chopped prior to beginning to cook as it cooks very quickly and you will need to stir non-stop. There will not be need to add additional salt as the bacon, polish sausage and the Saute Express all contain salt.

Polish Sausage with Bacon and Broccoli

  • 3 slices of thin sliced bacon, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 bunch of broccoli with florets cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 polish sausage links, sliced into bite size pieces
  • 1 square, LandOLakes Saute Express- Garlic and Herb

Fry bacon in a nonstick pan and when cooked entirely remove the bacon from the pan but leave the grease. Add the Saute Express square to the pan and stir quickly to melt. Toss in broccoli and continue to stir non-stop until broccoli is almost completed. Add polish sausage and stir another minute to heat thoroughly. Serve hot. This could also be good with cheese on it but I liked it as is.  One very large serving or 2 small.