The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I loved this book. This is not a book that will make you emotional or want to join a protest to help the exploited. It is a book to enjoy to escape the normal stresses of life. I am in love with this author and am currently reading another of her books. I hope to read them all. I get books from the library but if it is a book that I deeply love I purchase them. I have no doubt that I will be adding this author to my personal bookshelf. To purchase this book click here.



I don’t want to give too much away with this description so I will add the personal description that the book provides. ENJOY!!

“At the heart of The Husband’s Secret is a letter that is not meant to be read…

My darling Cecilia,
If you’re reading this, then I’ve died…

Imagine your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret—something with the potential to destroy not only the life you have built together, but the lives of others as well. And then imagine that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive…

Cecilia Fitzpatrick has achieved it all—she’s an incredibly successful businesswoman, a pillar of her small community, a devoted wife and mother. Her life is as orderly and spotless as her home. But that letter is about to change everything—and not just for her. There are other women who barely know Cecilia—or each other—but they, too, are about to feel the earth-shattering repercussions of her husband’s secret.”

Thoughts to ponder after reading this. Imagine that your husband is a wonderful husband, father and provider and you have a wonderful marriage. Now imagine that your husband admits to a horrible crime. Would you turn him in knowing that your entire world change not only for yourself but for your children at as well?


America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray

I can’t express enough how much I loved this book. First of all it is historical so it is near and dear to my heart. This book is about the life of Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph and how she was instrumental in her father, Thomas Jefferson’s illustrious political career. From this point on be forewarned that there will be spoilers. If you want to buy this book click here.



When Patsy Jefferson was a small child her mother died but on her death bed she made her husband Thomas Jefferson promise her to never marry again so that her daughters would never have to deal with having a step mother. That left Thomas Jefferson (TJ) with having a highly public profile and not having a woman on his arm for social functions. At a young age he became the United States Minister to France and he took Patsy with him. She was educated in the best of convent school for girls that was available. She was taught to be a proper lady and to support her father throughout his career.

Now this book is about Patsy, however, other than just a few short years she always lived with her father so his story is told as well through this book. TJ fell in love with one of his slaves and had multiple children with him. She went to France where she was automatically made free but when he returned to the United States she willingly chose to return with him but bargained with him that their children together would be free. This is the version of the story that this book provides. I would love to hear Sally’s side of the story.

Patsy was in a miserable marriage with Tom Randolph. He was never successful and TJ financially supported them throughout their entire lives. They lived most of their lives at Monticello with him. There is so much more to this story but I don’t want to ruin it for you. Please get this book and enjoy it as much as I do.


Low Carb Spinach Manicotti

I first saw this recipe on Facebook a few weeks ago and I saved it to make on a day when my sister Donna and her husband David were coming for dinner. Donna arrived early to help with this and it did go much smoother with two people. Isn’t this a beautiful dish?



Now I can tell that some of you are saying this doesn’t resemble manicotti. Well there is a very good reason for this. The original blog that shared this recipe took beautiful pictures of their version of manicotti. The original blog made delicious crepes that turned out beautifully shaped every time and they miraculously rolled into perfect little manicotti shaped items. That is not how the crepes turned out for me. Mine turned into broken little pieces. I only had one crepe actually survive into the perfect shape of a crepe. Therefore, Donna and I decided to make an executive decision and we layered the items into a casserole. I am sure that it tasted the same.


I added Italian Sausage into the marinara sauce and I love Parmesan Cheese so I added more of it to the top than called for. Now I am not normally a Ricotta Cheese fan but in this recipe I approve of it. I did realize that when I heated the leftovers and got the recipe extra hot that I preferred the taste of the Ricotta that way.

Now to tell you how well we liked the recipe this is how we ranked it.

David- 10, Donna- 8, Me- 8. David loved this so much that he had 2 1/2 helping of this for lunch yesterday. So enough about us. Follow this link to get the recipe.


Now to other things. After our lunch Donna surprised me by bringing in items to make beautiful Umbrella wreaths. The first one is mine and the second one Donna made for my neighbor. Aren’t these beautiful?



Donna is very talented and possibly the most giving person that I have ever met. You can’t have her. She is MY SISTER!!!

The 19th Wife

I am in two book clubs and last week someone in my local library book club suggested that I read The 19th Wife and it was wonderful. I currently read about 3-4 books per week. I put a lot of miles on my car with my job and I always have an audio book going. There have been many other books that I have read and enjoyed but I haven’t shared with you all but I hope to add them more often as they are a big part of my life now.

I always tend to avoid telling too much about a book but I am not sure that I can passionately describe this book without giving away too much so I will give you a warning that from this point on there might be spoilers. To buy the book please click here- The 19th Wife: A Novel




When I was in college I did a research paper about the Mormon faith and how the architecture of their church reflected their beliefs. We had been instructed to choose a denomination that was not of our own and to visit the church and attend one service. I chose the Mormon church. I did my research for my paper and I honestly thought that I understood their beliefs and history but I did not. This book totally opened my eyes to the roots of the Mormon church and how the church split between the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) and the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

Many people believe that the only difference between the two are that the FLDS believe in plural marriage and the LDS believe in monogamy between one husband and one wife. This book made me realize exactly how different the two are.

This book tells two stories within one book. One story recounts the beginning of the how Joseph Smith founded the church and ended with Brigham Young’s wife Ann Eliza who was numbered the 19th wife publicly divorced him and making the secrets of the Mormon church very public.

The second story is a modern day story of current FLDS and shows the plight of the young men being taken in the dead of night and abandoned on the side of the road because the Prophet wants the young teenage girls to be available to be forced into marriage to the older men who have many wives already. The young men are told they are excommunicated and they will not be able to go to Heaven. The young girls are told that if they do not willingly participate in plural marriage that they also will never be allowed to enter Heaven.

One young man named Jordan Scott had been abandoned on the side of the road as a young boy. He survived by participating in prostitution and living on the streets. At the age of 21 he returns to his FLDS community when his mother is arrested for the murder of his father.

Through this I learned about how there is an underground railroad that help the young women to escape similar to that of how the slaves were able to escape. The people who assist these young ladies risk their lives to help them. The young boys who are cast out are called Lost Boys. To learn more about Lost Boys and how you can help please click here- The Lost Boys

To learn how to help these young ladies to escape please click here. The Hope Organization

I hope that everyone reads this book. Feel free to discuss this in the comment section but please be respectful of each other.

Lemon Butter Scallops

I made this tonight for dinner and it was very good, quick and easy to make. I found it over at another blog and I made it exactly as was given so I am not posting the recipe here. You can easily find it below.  This is not a low carb blog but if you look carefully you will see many low carb recipes.

Lemon Butter Scallops

Chicken Chipotle and Cheddar Salad

I was in a grocery store this morning and a woman introduced me to the prepackaged Dole Chopped Salad Kits. There were three to choose from and I purchased two of them and tried one for lunch today. The woman said that she adds chopped romaine lettuce to hers as well to make the salad kit go further. So armed with her knowledge I purchased the kit, romaine lettuce and frozen charbroiled chicken strips.

Being single this is a wonderful idea for me. I hate cooking large meals that cause me to eat the leftovers all week long. Sometimes I get discouraged with meals lately. I have sometimes considered ending this blog but then I realize how many people are actually using this blog so I leave it all here. When I came to the blog this morning I found that I now have over 1 Million hits. That is amazing to me. That one single woman in WV could have something to say that so many people want to hear. That is amazing. So I will continue to post occasionally on this blog. I can’t promise that I will add things on a regular basis but I will not cancel this page. So here is my simple suggestion for a meal where it literally takes 5 minutes to prepare. Easy Peasy!!!

I heated my chicken strips and cut them into bite size pieces. I mixed my romaine lettuce with the salad kit and placed in bottom of pie plate. I added the chicken and topped it with the Chipotle Ranch dressing that was provided with the Salad Kit. The Salad Kit when mixed with the Romaine lettuce will serve 2-3 people and has 11 carbs for the entire dish if you add the small tortilla strips that are included with the Salad Kit. The strips are so small that you will only save 1-2 carbs by taking them out. It is your choice.

Cheesy Fajita Chicken Stir Fry

Today my sister Donna and her husband David came to spend the day after church. We spent our time baking Cranberry Pecan and Chocolate Chip Muffins then we made this new recipe. It turned out even better than I had anticipated. All three of us enjoyed it and I will be making this often.


Cheesy Fajita Chicken Stir Fry

  • 2 pound chicken tenders, cut into bite size pieces
  • olive oil
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 orange bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 1/2 cup triple cheddar cheese blend, shredded
  • 1 1/2 cup Colby, Monterrey jack cheese blend, shredded
  • guacamole and salsa to garnish

In a non-stick pan add olive oil and when hot add onion and stir until onion is almost carmelized. Add all bell peppers and continue to stir often until peppers are almost cooked tender. Add chicken and cook until chicken is completely cooked. Add all spices and stir until well blended. Next add all cheeses and stir until completely melted.

I ate mine without a wrap but Donna and David used low carb tortilla wrappers to eat theirs. I added guacamole and salsa to mine and it was very good. Serves 8.