Apple Cranberry Crumble

My friend Lisa put this recipe on her Facebook page and it looked so good that it was all that I could think about for a week until I made it for Thanksgiving while visiting my daughter. This recipe is amazing. As you already know I absolutely love cranberries. While apples are a bit high on the carb count it only has one apple for the entire recipe so it keeps it low while adding just enough sweet to go with the tartness of the cranberries.

This recipe comes from the Wheat Belly website and I made it exactly as it is written there so I am adding a direct link from here to there. The recipe said to use Xylitol or your preferred sweetener. I choose Splenda because I have a bad reaction to anything that ends in itol such as Xylitol, Sorbitol and Malitol. I do not care for the taste of Stevia so Splenda works for me. You need to do what works for you and that you feel comfortable doing so.

Apple Cranberry Crumble-  It is kind of like a pie but kind of like a cheesecake and kind of like a crumb cake. How wonderful is that?

I wish that I had a pretty picture to put here but I didn’t take the time to take one during the Thanksgiving Dinner with so many people around. I considered sharing the one from the Wheat Belly site but I didn’t want to violate copyright laws either.

I personally gave up all wheat about 3 months ago and I feel so much better since doing so. I am also losing major inches in my body as well with it. This means that I am no longer making my muffins from this page but I am not removing them because many people do not have the same reaction that I do to wheat.

I hope that you all give this recipe a try. I am quite happy with it and can’t wait to get back to WV to make it for my sister Donna. I know that she will love it too.


Crab Crusted Cod

I had a container of crab dip left over from making the stuffed peppers last week so I decided to come up with something new using it. I am in love with this new recipe. My only disappointment is that I have no one else to try it to get a second opinion on it. I rate it a 10 out of 10 in all areas of flavor, time and how easy it is to make. I figured that it came out to 5 carbs per slice but you can easily get it down to 1 carb each if you use crab instead of crab dip.

I served this with roasted cauliflower (3 carbs) and roasted brussel sprouts (5 carbs).

Crab Crusted Cod

  • 4 large pieces of cod, thawed
  • 1 container of Kroger Traditional Crab Dip (or 6 ounces canned drained crab)
  • 2 Tablespoons Mozzarella Cheese, finely shredded
  • 2 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese, finely shredded
  • 2 Tablespoons red pepper, finely chopped
  • 2 Tablespoons yellow pepper, finely chopped

Gently press the water out of the pieces of cod and place in an 8 inch square casserole dish. Mix crab dip, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, red pepper and yellow pepper in a small bowl and spread evenly on top of cod pieces. Place in 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Makes 4 servings.

Crab Stuffed Peppers with Bacon

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor Andrea brought me a new recipe that she had tried and it was so wonderful that my sister, Donna and I made them today. We also made Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings to go with them. We made an enormous amount of food but we had to laugh because we cooked five pounds of bacon but you really can’t have too much bacon. :)

We used party peppers and jalapeno peppers. We preferred the party peppers but if you like heat go for the jalapeno peppers.

If you make the onion rings linked above don’t forget to make the dipping sauce to go with it. I used it as a dip for the party peppers too and it was fabulous. I can see me making this sauce often.

Crab Stuffed Peppers with Bacon

  • One bag of party peppers or 6 jalapeno peppers
  • 2 tubs of crab dip (we bought at Kroger)
  • 1 pound bacon

Cut the caps off of the peppers and remove and discard the seeds. It is easier to stuff the crab dip into the peppers if you cut a slit half way down the pepper. Once the pepper is stuffed wrap the pepper with bacon and secure with toothpicks that had been soaked in water for 30 minutes prior to using.

Grill over medium high heat until the bacon is cooked crisp. Serve immediately.

Deviled Eggs with Relish

A few weeks ago Caleb and I were at church and following the morning service we had a church luncheon where everyone brought food to share. Caleb was on cloud nine because someone brought a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and another woman made Deviled Eggs with Relish.

We made our plates and I put him at a table and went to get our drinks. When I returned his little mouth was stuffed and he was mumbling, “Eat your egg! Eat your egg!” I tried it and it is now my favorite deviled egg recipe. I was able to track down the lady who made them and Carol Parsons was nice enough to share the recipe with me.

This is the recipe that she used. Enjoy.

Deviled Eggs with Relish

My Weekend With Caleb

I haven’t been able to get Caleb for the weekend in 4 weeks for several reasons. I have really missed this kid. I wish that Isaiah lived closer so that he could be here too. They would love spending time with each other.

Yesterday morning I went to Caleb’s last soccer game of the season. He loves to jump right into the game and to give it all he has! I love to watch him play.

Stephen and Kristin are wonderful parents and love him so much. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Afterwards Caleb came home with me and we went to the pool for a couple of hours. Just enough to get a little bit pink. I always avoid getting a sunburn as best as I can.

Afterwards we went bicycling and we rode about 2.5 miles. Then he played on the playground with other children in the neighborhood.

Today we went to the Legion Fight Club where I take my karate classes and Caleb was able to participate in the boxing class. Doesn’t he look tough in my hot pink boxing gloves?

He said that he would love to continue going to the Fight Club and I would love to see him learn to defend himself. He didn’t complain about the healthy clean eating that we did this weekend either. This kid is so much fun to be around. He is always ready to go and experience new things. Being a Grandma is one of my biggest blessings.

Kanawha State Forest

Today I was able to go hiking once again and I had so much fun. It was very nice to get back into the woods to experience nature. My good friend Lori Rainey went with me. We met about 4 or 5 years ago at my Gynecologist office where she is the Physician Assistant. She is an amazing woman and never complained today during our 8.84 mile hike through Kanawha State Forest. She has this amazing watch that tells us how many steps she took (19,946), how many calories she burned (3126), and how many flights of stairs she went up from hiking up so many hills (54). I love this watch!

Now be prepared that this will be a long post. We had no plans to hike as many miles as we did but we got lost. We were both to blame. Lori may disown me and refuse to go hiking with me again after our adventure today. I took a lot of pictures and I will comment on many of them.

This next picture is a coal mine that was closed off many years ago after people were caught making moonshine in it.

While we were hiking we eventually got lost and realized it when we found this sign indicating that we were entering Mossy Trail instead of Davis Creek Trail. hahaha Lori offered the chance for us to turn around and go back but we had already walked several miles and I thought that we should keep going to possibly find the main road. Live and Learn. hahaha

We were at a high point of a trail and we looked down and saw an enormous tree that had fallen in the ravine.

If anyone has a clue what this bush is please let me know. We were on Teaberry Trail when we found them covering several hillsides. It was beautiful.

Edited to add- Found it on Google. It is Mountain Laurel.

These honeysuckle bushes were too far away for us to tell what they were. I used the zoom on my camera and after I got home I was able to tell what they were.

It was very interesting to find these stacked rocks in the middle of the woods.

At one point I found out that Lori was a tree hugger. Of course it was when we were trying to come down a very steep decline on the side of the hill.

After hiking over 8 miles we found this sign showing us how close we had been to being on Davis Creek Trail several times. Next time we will know. That is if I can ever get Lori to go back again. hahaha

These little flowers were at the base of a tree and the sun shine was hitting it in just a way as if to point out to us that these flowers were beautiful.

When came home I found that my roses had all opened and my flower bed seemed to welcome me home.  Please ignore the holes in the leaves. I have treated them and they no longer have bugs. :)

Here is a video where you can hear the stream and experience the birds singing in the background.

Before we began our hike we enjoyed a lunch of Grilled Pork Chops With Two Melon Salsa and fresh cucumbers and cherries.

I am so glad that we ate before we started the hike, since when we got lost we ended up hiking about 4 hours. I took a little mini thermal container and had an Atkin’s shake and a protein bar in my backpack just in case I needed it along the trail. I am glad that I didn’t need it. The lunch was perfect to hold me over until we found our way back out of the woods. I am also glad that I didn’t hike alone. I never hike alone on trails that I am not familiar with. Lori is the best hiking partner. She is just one of those sweet Christians that you can bare your soul to and you know that it will never go anywhere else.  Today’s hike was good for the mind, body and soul! Thanks Lori.

Clean Eating Low Carb Recipes

I am at the point now where I am trying to do clean eating as well as low carb. I am going to do the 30 day cleanse of eating only unprocessed foods, no gluten and no dairy or legumes. If you are new to low carbing don’t attempt to make your meals too complicated. I could never have done both low carb and clean eating when I first started doing low carb. If you are new to low carb just get your bearings and then as you are more able to control your cravings and make meal plans you can toy with doing clean eating too.

Some websites that provide details for clean eating do not allow mayonnaise. Other sides allow organic or homemade mayonnaise using pasteurized eggs. I plan to continue to use mayonnaise occasionally. I do plan to give up my yogurt for 30 days during this cleanse. That is epic for me. You all know how much I love my low carb yogurt! :)

Over the weekend I went through all of my main entree meals and made a list of recipes that are already on the blog which can be easily made to qualify as clean eating. I will provide links and suggestions below.

Grilled Pork Chops with Two Melon Salsa– no changes are needed

Simple Cod Piccata– no changes needed

Ham and Avocado Egg Salad– no changes needed

Pork Roast With Cabbage– no changes needed

Pepper Beef Goulash– no changes needed

Roasted Hen– substitute ghee for the butter

Roasted Cauliflower with Sausage and Tomatoes– replace canned tomatoes with freshly chopped tomatoes.

Shakshuka– no changes needed

Pepper Crusted Roast Beef– no changes needed

Onion and Pepper Smothered Round Steak– no changes needed

Garlic Lemon-pepper Chicken– I would replace almond flour for the coconut flour.

Chicken Piccata– I would replace almond flour for the coconut flour. I would also replace ghee for the butter.

Beef Rib Eye Steaks Roasted in Herbs– no changes needed

Ground Turkey Burgers– no changes needed

Smothered Burgers– omit cheese

Spicy Lemon Chicken– no changes needed

Country Beef Patties– I would omit the Splenda. I would not replace it with anything. I would use fresh tomatoes.

Blackened Fish– omit Splenda

BBQ Pot Roast– Omit Splenda and use fresh tomatoes.

Bacon Wrapped Cornish Hens– no changes needed

Italian Sausage with Ratatouille– no changes needed