Mamie Thurman

On Saturday I went on an adventure with a good friend from work. We both share a love for ghost hunting and I wanted to introduce her to Geocaching so we combined the two things. What is Geocaching you ask? Geocaching is a wonderful adventure of looking for hidden caches all over the United States. All you do is go to and put in your zip code and you will find hundreds of hidden caches in your area.


The website will give you the GPS concordances and you simply enter them into your handheld GPS and go out in search of the hidden cache. I have over 700 hidden caches within 50 miles of my home. I can search for years before finding them all. The website will tell you the level of difficulty the cache is so you can judge if your children would be able to participate in that particular find.


Back to telling you about Saturday. In Logan County, West Virginia there is an old story of a woman named Mamie Thurman who was murdered and her body was dumped along Old Mine 22 road. She had been married to a member of the local law enforcement but was having an affair with approximately 18 of the prominent men in West Virginia at the time of her murder.


You can read all about her story of the murder, who was framed for the murder, how her body was removed from the cemetery and is now missing and all about the many scandals of Logan, West Virginia. Back in 1930s, Logan was a booming town and many millionaires lived there. It was also heavily populated with the mob and crime was rampant. Imagine if you can that it was during prohibition and there were speakeasy’s everywhere. You can read all about her story here.


First we went to the cemetery where she had been buried because we had the concordances for a hidden cache. Unfortunately, because of all of the hills and rocks the GPS could not register and we did not find the cache hidden there. I was really amazed at how poorly this cemetery had been maintained. Back in the 1930s this was where the elite buried their loved ones. Now it is evident that it is just a place where local teens party and ride their 4-wheelers. The mausoleums were empty and many of them were filled with empty beer cans and bottles. Graffiti had been sprayed on them and it was sad to know that people had chosen to be buried there and that they were being so disrespected this way.




Next we went to find another cache. This one is told to be where Mamie Thurman’s body was believed to have been found. Libby and I stopped along the way and ate our packed lunches. Then we began searching along Mine 22 road. When we finally got close to where the cache was we parked our car and got out and walked. We did get some funny stares from the men who drove by. This area is mainly trafficked by mine trucks and the miners on their way to and from work. They must have thought it odd to see two 40 year old plus women walking along side the road with a GPS and a camera.


We found the trail that led to the cache and then we used the GPS to tell us when to stop along the trail and look for it. We quickly found it under some rocks. We left a small toy and took a patch that said, “Logan County” on it. We also signed the log book. We walked around and talked about where Clarence must have gone so long ago to dispose of her body and what could have possibly actually happened to Mamie Thurman. This is a picture of Libby with her first Cache find.



After we had walked a bit we found this mural on a very large rock. We had walked past this several times and never noticed it. It was shocking and still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.



Check out the view from this location. Back in 1930 this view was not here. Several years ago the Department of Highways blasted out a large portion of the mountain to put in Corridor G. This view is what the result of that was.



I can’t say that we experienced anything ghostly. We really didn’t expect to really. The only odd experience that I had was once I had returned home I discovered that my camera battery had been drained. Usually I can take more than 800 pictures on a battery charge and Saturday I only took about 35. Many people have their own beliefs about Mamie Thurman and claim to have seen her spirit walking along the mountaintop where her body had been dumped so long ago.


I hope that she is at peace somewhere. Her murder was unbelievable in the way that it had occurred. If you read her story and have your own ideas on what happened to her please share.


11 responses to “Mamie Thurman

  1. Oooh, right up my alley with the gangster era! That mural is VERY creepy. You know what they say about drained batteries…Ooooh, lol. Looks like it was fun!

  2. this is a mystery noboidy knows if her ghost egzist we need proof and pics that is wat i think

  3. I live about an hour north of 22 Mine Road,in Lincoln County WV. I have been to 22 Mine Rd. many times over the years with various friends and each time it was a little creepy. I dont know how people are aware of it, but you can actually interact with Mamie. When you turn onto 22 Mine Rd. from Corridor G, go up the hill, turn around and come all the way back down to the bottom of the hill. Pull up next to the 4-lane (Corridor G) and put you car in neutral. Mamie will push the car back up the hill. Really, not just inches, but feet. The car will roll up hill at least 10 feet or more. No kidding! It really works! I would have never in a million years believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. Rumor has it, that if you start cursing Mamie she will release the car and let it roll down the hill. I have never had enough guts to do that, so I don’t know if it works.

  4. The car going up the hill is true, supposedly it’s only an illusion though it’s not actually up hill it only looks as if it is. I’ve read a lot on this story, supposedly the guy that got convicted told his in mate that it was really a woman that killed Mamie. Who knows the truth? My gosh sleeping with 18 men. Who knows, she could have been bribing one of the men and he did it, or one of the wifes could have found out, or maybe her husband found out she was cheating and did it. There were some rough women from those days too so a woman could have easily done it I guess. The husband spent his later years in a psych ward so maybe it was him, or maybe he went crazy because he found out everything idk. Suposedly he was pretty heart broken when he heard of his wifes affairs. From everything I’ve read if I had to guess, I’d say Mrs. Robertson found out her husband was cheating and killed Mamie. Then her husband paid his buddies in the system to cover it up and the guy that got convicted agreed to take the blame. Supposedly he didn’t eat jail food a single meal in jail (it was specially delivered from a restaurant) and he got a job in jail as a worker for the warden so he probably lived just as good of a life in jail as he would have out. That’s my best guess but no one knows all the facts and who all really had a grudge for her. I guess there were probably only a few people that ever knew the truth and there all dead now. I wish they would reopen the case but that will never happen.

  5. Brenda Pancake Heck

    I grew up in Holden up Trace Fork. I spent quite a few summer days and nights up on Trace Mountain (AKA 22 Mountain) and I got to tell you, it’s creepy. The mountain is haunted by Ms. Thurmans ghost… If you believe in ghosts. My mom lived up there when she was a little girl and she has told me some hair-raising stories. I’m grown up, married , living in Delbarton with kids of my own and my oldest son, 15, goes up there sometimes just to get scared! Love ghost stories, and this is one of the best!

  6. The husband was my great uncle and Mamie my great aunt by marriage. While my great uncle did not remarry and was heart broken over her death he was not insane nor confined to a psyche ward as reported by Wes above. No one in our family ever believed that Clarence Stephenson was the killer. He is said to have admitted to his cell mate in prison that he disposed of the body but did not kill her. It is doubtful that with his physical condition he could have even moved her body. He was a dwarf and you are talking about moving dead weight into a car, out of a car, and into the carved rock. If he did it, then he did not do it without help. He never told his cell mate who killed her, only that it was “politics”. These were the days of labor organizing the coal mines and it was a dangerous time. The mines owned and controlled everything. In her associations did she see or overhear something she should not have? Was it personal or just made to look that way?. It was a dangerous enough time that most of our family changed the spelling of their last name to distance themselves from the case. Stephenson took his secret to the grave in 1942 when he died of stomach cancer while incarcerated on a prison work farm. The other players are all long gone as well. It’s highly doubtful that anyone who was actually involved would have left any sort of record of their actions and if so it is also doubtful their heirs would ever release the account if one existed and was found. We would love to have solid proof but I do not see any way this would ever be solved.

    • Thank you so much for posting. I agree that I don’t see anyone coming forward at this late date. I also agree that Clarence could not have killed her but did help dispose of the body. I am so sorry for what your family has had to go through. You should all have answers to who killed her. 😦

  7. Haunted Heather

    I live about 20 mins from here, where exactly is the graveyard entrance? I cant find it on google maps or anywhere.Thanks! even just to say its near this or that would help alot.

    • It is difficult to describe how to get there. I found the address through Google Maps and it says it is 22 High Street, Logan, The entrance is between two houses and it is an archway over the entrance. If you weren’t looking for the archway you may not notice it. I had a friend drive me there and I haven’t been back since but I have driven past it twice for my job but it is has been over a year. My mind is sketchy on the directions. It is known as Logan Memorial Park Cemetery but was originally called the McConnell Memorial Cemetery.

  8. Haunted Heather

    Thanks so much! I can find it now =)

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