Charleston Chicken Wraps

At the hospital where I work the cafeteria make these wonderful things called the Charleston Chicken Wrap. I fell in love with this prior to being diagnosed with Diabetes and attempted to eat one afterwards but my glucose levels soared. I hate to give up so I looked to change some things about it and make my own at home. By using low carb options I can enjoy these on a weekly basis if I choose to. When I eat these my glucose levels never go over 100. One of these will fill me up.



Charleston Chicken Wraps


For each wrap you will need the following:


2 grilled chicken tenders- do not bread these. Simply season with salt and pepper and grill. Chop into bite size pieces.

1 slice of cooked bacon- crumbled into pieces

Lettuce- I use large leaf lettuce to help hold the wrap together

Cheddar cheese

Low carb wheat tortilla (I use the ones from Sam’s Club that are 5 carbs each)

Mayonnaise- be generous (You can exchange Ranch Dressing)

Franks Red Hot Sauce



Place tortilla on a plate and top with lettuce. The following items should be placed going down the center of the tortilla in a line in the order given.


Cheddar cheese


Franks Red Hot Sauce- to taste

Chopped Bacon


Roll wrap and enjoy.


These are also good with black olives and chopped tomatoes.


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