Almond Pound Cake

Do you recall my sister picking up some baking pans for me a few weeks ago? Well I am finding uses for them and have to share my finds. This pan is a mini loaf pan.



Isn’t it adorable? I am sure that there are others out there that get excited about cookware. My sister called me yesterday to have me look at Walmart’s website to see a Texas Muffin Pan. I was impressed but believe that I will have to have the castle or train muffin pans to make goodies for Caleb the spectacular grandchild. J


I love pound cake and found a website with a recipe that I swear I was unable to tell the low carb from the regular carb laden pound cake. I took the cake to work with me this morning and shared it with my wonderful co-worker Tiffany. She either really loved it or faked it very well. J


I tried going back to the website today and for some reason the website was down. I am adding the link to the original but will copy the recipe below just in case the link doesn’t work.



Almond Pound Cake (Low Carb) Recipe


·                               1 cup butter softened

·                               1 cup Splenda

·                               5 eggs

·                               2 cups Blanched Almond Meal Flour

·                               1 tsp baking powder

·                               1 tsp lemon extract

·                               1 tsp vanilla extract


1.     Preheat oven to 350°F.

2.     Cream butter and Splenda.

3.     Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating after each.

4.     Mix almond flour with baking powder; Add to egg mixture a little at a time.

5.     Add extracts.

6.     Pour into 9″ Greased cake pan. (I used mini loaf pan)

7.     Bake for 50-55 minutes. (I baked for 20 minutes)

8 slices come to about 5.
8 carbs each.
Optional: Serve with whipped cream or strawberries.

Some variations were:

1.     Add cocoa and eliminate the lemon extract for chocolate pound cake.

2.     Add banana extract instead of lemon and some chopped nuts for a banana nut cake.




11 responses to “Almond Pound Cake

  1. This looks really good! Can’t wait to try it!

  2. I love your blog. I have lost 51 pounds in 5 months on a healthy low carb diet. You are an inspiration. Thank you for the great, new ideas!

    • Welcome to the blog Jeanette. Congratulations on the weight loss. That is amazing. I am very proud of you. I know that it wasn’t easy but you have stuck it out. Wonderful!!! Please stick around and join in on the discussions sometimes. We would love to have you be a part of the community here.

  3. I made this last night. It was sooo good! I’ll be making this again. Thanks so much for all the recipes. 🙂

  4. How much cocoa would you add to make this chocolate? While it sounds delicious as is, I always have a chocolate craving and I also love a good pound cake. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. Do you think honey would work in this recipe?

    • If you are a Diabetic you might want to forgo the Honey if it usually spikes your glucose. Try the honey and tell me how it works for you! I am curious.

  6. Can we substitute 4 coconut flour

    • I am sorry that I didn’t answer sooner. I have no idea if you can substitute coconut flour as I have never done this. If you try it please let me know how it turns out.

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