My New Spice Cabinet

A few months go I saw a spice cabinet on a blog that I love to follow. A woman was sharing the spice cabinet that they had made from an ironing board cabinet that had fit between the studs of her kitchen wall. I had to drag my contractor husband to the computer and showed him what I absolutely HAD to have. This was a NEED and not a WANT. This is the website that had the pantry that I loved.

For years I had been walking down the hall to a linen closet where I had my spices stored in an over the door rack. I tried not to complain but it was a huge inconvenience. So Mike and I went to Home Depot and I was so disappointed to learn that ironing board cabinets were only 4 feet tall and 12 inches wide and they cost $169. Mike being the genius he is took me by the hand and showed me the clearance section.

We were able to buy a normal size cabinet that is 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide that had he promised me he could adapt to my NEEDS.  The best part of this was the cabinet was only $119. I couldn’t get out my debit card fast enough. We came home and put this baby into the wall the same day. It is five inches deep and perfectly accommodates the large containers of spices that I can get at Sam’s Club.

We haven’t put the molding on the top of the cabinet yet but I just had to share. We used all of the cabinet to do this. For the shelves we used the big shelves and cut them down to 5 inch deep. I sized how far apart I wanted the shelves to be. You can see how I organized them below. The first picture is how it looks with the door closed. We added two coats of Cherry Stain and 2 coats of Polyurethane to get the look below. This is also what we have our new kitchen cabinets in as well. It all matches perfectly.

On the top shelves I have spices in large containers. Then taper down from there. The small bottles of spices can be two deep. I have tried to keep them alphabetized as well to make cooking quicker. For those shocked by the size of my baking powder container on the bottom shelf the answer is yes I really do use a lot of baking powder. Since becoming a Diabetic I do all of my cooking and baking from scratch. I love to cook.


The drawers caused a bit of a problem. With them only being 5 inches deep I couldn’t have drawers pulling out of the wall. I had to use hinges and have the drawers flip down. I use the top ‘drawer’ to hold my jello’s and muffin/cupcake, cookie supplies.

I keep small tubs of spices in the second ‘drawer’ that I get at the local Amish Market. Of course I use my labeler to organize them. I also use the labeler to put the purchase date on the back of my spice bottles so that I can tell when I should replace them.

On the bottom two shelves of the cabinet I keep my oils, vinegar, vanilla and mortar to grind my spices. I also store my other bottle items that I use on a regular basis. I love to cook asian meals of course making them low carb.

I am going to go ahead and share my pantry pictures with you again to keep this all in one post. I converted the closet in the guest room that is just off from the kitchen to make  a pantry once I began stockpiling to save money.

I bought the mixed vegetables and then realized that they don’t work with my Diabetes. Now I am searching for ways to prepare them for my husband only. So far he hasn’t been too impressed with what I am coming up with. I forsee they will make a trip to the local food pantry soon.

I do all of my baking from scratch for both my low carb items as well as Mike’s normal food. He loves Johnny Cake and has a huge sweet tooth. For the first year I did not make him sweets at all. That gave me a time to adjust my tastes to diet items and to build an arsenal of recipes so that when I made him something I made myself something diet as well.

I love the locknlock containers that hold 5 pounds of flour or sugar. It makes cooking so much quicker and neater.

I have a small amount of low carb pasta.

These are handblown glass items that my husband made while we were dating. I love these and keep them in the pantry to use during different holidays as table centerpieces. Excuse the dust please.

We also have the kitchen cabinets where I keep items that I use daily. Since we don’t have them completely stained and the hardware added yet I won’t be sharing those. I hope that you enjoyed looking at my pantry. I love to cook and having things organized has made my life so much easier.


6 responses to “My New Spice Cabinet

  1. I just LOVE your spice cabinet as well as your “closet pantry”. Thanks for sharing. Sally

  2. Wonderful adaptation! I can’t imagine being married and not having a woodworker for a husband! We are so lucky. Love you choice of pulls on the ‘drawers’. I can just see those 2 little shelves being assigned to grandchildren as they begin to help grandma bake.

  3. I love your organized cabinet. No way can this pantry be messed up. I will have to look for the locknlock containers for my flours. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was looking around the web to see if anyone carried the locknlock containers for flour. Most of the sites carry square, rectangle or circular ones. Where did you get yours from?

    • Mine are rectangle. The round containers you see are not locknlock. The round ones are Rubbermaid and are available at Walmart.

  5. Debbie from Illinois

    I adore your spice cabinet! I snuck over her from 2 peas to check it out.

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