It’s A Miracle

Those who personally know my hounds know that Max absolutely loves cats. The problem is my cat hates all dogs. She knows that she has to live with them but she never,  and I mean NEVER, shares personal space with them. That is why I say it is a miracle. I came into the living room the other night and this was what I saw.

I was shocked. Every morning when I let Max out of the living room he runs through the house until he finds the kitty. He then pushes his head into her until he smooshes her to the ground. Three years ago when we got Max she would hiss and swat at him. Now she just gets a frown on her face and knows that as soon as he hugs her he will go away. I think sometimes she sits around and plots his demise. The other two hounds learned very early to leave her alone. Max, however, is a very stubborn hound and will not be discouraged. Apparently it has paid off. She is now sharing the same rug with him. 🙂


3 responses to “It’s A Miracle

  1. That is so cute!
    We have many farm cats and are fortunate to have a very patient dog that lets the cats sleep with him.

    • That is so sweet. I wish that my cat would play with Max. He would love to snuggle with her but I don’t see that happening. He will have to accept sharing the rug. LOL

  2. Aww how sweet. She’s still plotting his demise, though. You can see it on her face.

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