As I mentioned yesterday last week was a very difficult week and I had to change my menu plan at the last-minute. I have been craving guacamole for months and since I can no longer eat tortilla chips I had not made any. I bought a couple of avocados to slice to put in salads and they were calling my name in the fridge. I was kind of having a pity party over the poison ivy and decided to make the guacamole and to put it in my salad along with the Ranchero Onion Burgers.

I made guacamole using only 1 avocado and I ate all of it by myself.  Mike has never tried guacamole but he swears he is allergic to it. Gotta love the guy. He is sticking to his beliefs to the bitter end. hahaha I love him.

Anyway I came home and made the burgers using this recipe.

Then at the last-minute decide to put it in a salad, top with French’s Onions and add guacamole. Oh my goodness this was good. So good that I made it again the next night using leftovers of the burgers. You should have seen Mike’s horrified look on his face. That much green on one plate made him turn a bit green himself. It was soooooooo good.  Two hours after I ate my glucose level was only 109. What you see in the picture below was my entire meal.

Now the measurements are only guesses since I just threw it together.


  • 1 avocado make sure it is soft but not dimpled showing over ripeness
  • 5-6 Tablespoons salsa
  • 1/3 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon lime juice

Slice the avocado in half and discard the pit. Then using a spoon scoop out the avocado and place on a plate. Using the bottom of  a glass mash the avocado. Add the remaining ingredients and put on salad greens. Serve with your choices of meats but I highly recommend the Ranchero Onion Burgers.


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