Don’t Judge Me

I have been officially knitting now for 11 months. Within the last 11 months I have accumulated the following yarn stockpile.

I have been told that this large amount of yarn is not unusual for knitters to own. I am trying not to buy more yarn and to just use what is in my stash but it gets difficult. I will see a great deal online or in stores and I get heart palpitations at the thought of it.

What knitter hasn’t gone into a yarn store and just spent hours squishing the yarn in their hands? On my last roadtrip with my fellow “knitwits” I did not purchase any yarn. I am determined to begin using my stockpile. I am currently making this pattern using a very lovely heathered lavender baby alpaca brush yarn.

I will share it once it is finished. I have about 1.5 feet of it completed and will need to get at least 5 feet before I bind off. It is a very simple pattern really. I want to make a rug for my kitchen now that Mike has gotten the new tile completed in there. I bought that yarn last September but did not rush to knit the rug because I knew it would take months to get the tile done since Mike works so many hours.

So tell me that I am not the only one to have this much yarn in their stockpile. Show me your stockpiles. I dare you. Just please don’t judge me.  LOL


6 responses to “Don’t Judge Me

  1. That doesn’t seem to far out there. Can’t wait to see what you create. I am finally getting back into my scrap stash. Been far too long.


    • This past weekend I deep cleaned my craft room and purged a lot of stuff. I kept all of my scrapbooking stuff even though I haven’t scrapped in forever. I really only scrap my recipe pages now. I still played with it all for a few minutes before getting back to cleaning. It felt good to let go of so much. I can imagine that you are scrapping the boys sport events. You are such a good mom. 🙂

  2. I wish my fabric stash was that small! I’m going to live forever. I have to, otherwise I will still have a huge stash. I need to put myself on no-buy! But as you say, it is so hard!

    • Oh you should see my fabric stash too. It is much larger than the yarn. I did weed out outdated prints and donated 2 boxes of fabric to a friend that likes to do crafts. I still have an entire linen dresser full of fabric to keep me busy. I just can’t seem to use up all of the crafting items that I have and feel a bit guilty when I think of buying anymore. I need to use this up first.

  3. Janice Dobson

    ohh Grace-don’t be alarmed -I have it in closets,under the bed and in the craft room.I think it’s a disease we caught somewhere. but so much fun .

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