Caleb’s New Room

I have to give a warning here. No one other than family will care about this post. It is not Diabetic or recipe related at all. I have to be a grandma for a few minutes and talk about Caleb again.

Caleb is now two years old and I have been sticking his things into every nook and cranny in my home ever since he was born. Last week I decided to just give him his own room and once I made the decision there was no stopping me. I am not finished with it yet. I still need to decorate the walls but I do have all of his things moved into one room and I am excited about showing it to him on Monday when he comes over.

This room was the guest room and my daughter Samantha and her wonderful husband Ben have always been the ones to stay in here. Samantha understands that Caleb outranks her and luckily she is ok with that. I had my own craft room and last week began purging items and made two big hauls to Goodwill to make room for the guest bed to be moved into there. I had a big dining room table in my craft room and it is now in someone else’s home. Goodwill was happy to take it off of my hands.

I can’t say that the craft room will be as pretty as the other room was but since Caleb was born more and more of his things have been taking over that room and it was getting pretty cramped. Now Caleb has the room below. As I said I haven’t removed the wall decorations yet but will soon. I will be making it a cowboy theme.

Caleb loves to play with hotwheels so I thought this rug would be perfect for the middle of the room even if it isn’t a cowboy theme. It will get a lot of use.

 The bookshelf below has been in this house ever since we moved in 18 years ago. It has been used by practically everyone for every conceivable use as well. Now it is Caleb’s for his toys.  For those wondering that is a toy gun and not a real one. He can’t live in WV and not learn about hunting. It just isn’t done that way around here.


Caleb loves puzzles but to keep the pieces from getting lost I keep them on the top and we play with them one at a time. He can play for hours with these puzzles. When we first gave him the chicken Elmo he was afraid of it. I had to hide it for a few months and reintroduce it and then he was fine. I can’t let my little man cry.  


 I really wish that Caleb would let me read to him but he only allows it for about 3 minutes at a time. He does however, love to play with his tool boxes for hours. It is a good thing too since Grandpa is a contractor and he will probably be teaching him a few things as he gets older.

Oh my goodness. These megablocks were the best purchase that I have ever made. He LOVES these things. We have spent so many hours building things and taking them back apart. Taking them apart is his favorite part of playing with them. The set below in the yellow box has a tractor and a farmer and a whole bunch of animals. He loves that.  


 He has so many farm animal figures that I had to use a rolling cart to store them in. His other grandparents live on a farm and he was only 2 weeks old when he was in the barn while they fed the horses and cows. He has his own horse and goat out at their farm.



The dresser below was totally trashed when we bought it a yard sale for $5. Mike spent weeks restoring it to what you see below. Now it will hold Caleb’s blankets and clothes.  The little old TV/VCR was something that I got secondhand. I need to give it a good cleaning. The prior owners scribbled all over it with crayon. It still works great and I think Caleb will love watching cartoons on it someday.  

His Aunt Donna loves to shop for him. This basket  hold all of the balls that she has bought.  


I love his little toddler bed. I bought it from one of the nurses at work. Caleb loves it. He has to sleep with his elephant when he is here too. Sometimes he just carries the elephant around with him all day while he plays. He has never tried to take it home. He usually will put it right back in his bed before he leaves.  



2 responses to “Caleb’s New Room

  1. Awesome, TFS We Grandmamothers have to take care of important things.

  2. I LOVE that dresser. You guys did a great job restoring it and I totally miss the days of my little boys having a rug like Caleb’s.

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