Vacation Day- Wednesday

We left this past Wednesday for Virginia to visit our daughter, Samantha and her husband Ben. You may recall me talking about Ben before.

Well, Ben is a youth minister and is very good at his job. Ben loves Christ, Samantha, his family, his church and cookies- in that order.  Well, I am guessing for him but I am guessing in that order. His love for cookies is huge. He sleep walks and eats cookies. I am not making that up.

I had asked Samantha if Ben wanted me to make him cookies and she declined. I decided that Ben really should make that decision so I texted him. I love my blackberry. Ben said, he would love to have them but not to tell his wife. So I kept a secret from her and baked him cookies. They were not low carb cookies but they are his favorite. I had never made them before and had no idea that they would make 4 dozen huge cookies.

Please forgive me for posting a picture of something not low carb. lol

I packed them in the back of my car and off to Virginia we went. We also packed a new propane grill for them for their birthday. The back of my Subaru Outback was bursting at the seams.

We had a very nice leisurely drive there and stopped in Lexington, Virginia for lunch at a wonderful restaurant named, Country Cookin. They have a unique way to order your meal. You choose the entrée and then just get all of your sides from their very extensive buffet bar. I got the grilled spiced tilapia. It was delicious. For sides I had a salad and green beans. They also had cooked cabbage but by this time I was full. When I checked my glucose two hours after I ate it was only 112. Not bad for eating out at a restaurant.

While on the way there I was knitting on my new scarf and was not paying attention while Mike drove. We missed the junction but luckily caught it with only about 40 minutes to make up. Thank you Samantha and Ben for getting us back on the right path to your house.

When we arrived at the church where Samantha and Ben work it was time for them to get off. We had about an hour before the Wednesday night youth group would arrive. Ben was getting some last-minute things completed for the group so he stayed at the church and Samantha, Mike and I went to Red Robin for dinner. I had a very good salad but unfortunately my levels were 143 when I tested later. I won’t be having that particular salad again. It was my own fault though. I should have known better. The chicken was breaded in the salad. No one to blame but myself.

When we came back for the youth group we have to admit that we had a wonderful time. Samantha and Ben do a wonderful job with these teenagers. They played a game called wheel barrel Spaghetti. They had two on each team and they had to do the wheel barrel while the person on the floor had to eat a plate of cooked spaghetti without using their hands. It was hysterical.  I wish that I could add the pics of the kids playing this game but I don’t want to violate their privacy.

A former youth from the group, who is now in college has returned to do a summer internship with the church. He led the worship service music and once the group went in to do the lesson he led this as well. Kendell really impressed me. He spoke from the heart and the kids really seemed to listen to him. I see ministry in his future.

We ended back at their home after 10 that night and totally exhausted but very happy to be able to hug my little girl again. We speak almost daily but it is totally different when you can put your arms around her. I really miss her.



One response to “Vacation Day- Wednesday

  1. Sounds like such a wonderful day. 🙂 That kind of tiring day is the best kind. I also think everyone needs a cookie every now and then. 🙂



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