My Weekly Menu for 5/30/2010

This past week was a killer at work. I figured I worked about 60 hours with the hours I needed to stay over to get the job done and with what work I had to bring home with me to complete. Because of this I didn’t get to cook all of the meals that I had planned last week. I did make the weeknight chili recipe and both Mike and I hated it. For that reason I won’t be sharing it with you.

While I am typing this my neurotic little dog Daisy is under my desk hiding from the mean old fly that is in the house. From spring until fall she hides as soon as she comes into the house whether there is a fly in here or not. There happens to be one and I can’t kill it so she just lays under there with her eyes open watching to see if it can find her. Isn’t she cute? Gotta love a beagle/basset hound mix.

Looking at her from this angle I may need to put her on a low carb diet too. hahaha

Speaking of the hounds. Whenever I am cooking this is what I see when I look down at my feet.

Max is my husband’s dog but he prefers women so he prefers to be where ever I am. As I come out of the bathroom he is waiting in the hall for me. He stands beside my computer chair and constantly puts one huge paw on my seat begging for attention. He is also a very jealous dog. The only time he is jealous is if I am giving anyone attention. Then he will intentionally chew whatever belongs to that person.

The first time that Samantha came to visit after Max entered our lives he was very jealous of her. We had him for several months and he had never chewed anything. She and I went into the craft room for a bit and when we came out he had chewed her favorite sandals.

Once Caleb arrived I realized that it was anyone I gave attention to he was going to destroy their property. Caleb has learned that he can’t leave his toys in the floor at all or Max will destroy them. His little Noah’s ark is down to 2 giraffe and one zebra. We use a clown fisher price toy instead of Noah. I miss Noah. I need to get Caleb another Ark set because he does get a lot of enjoyment out of that.

I seemed to have veered off of posting my menu for the week. Oh well. You get to look at a cute dog. 🙂

All of the recipes this week will be new recipes. If we like them I will post them to the blog.

Sunday- Asian Barbecued Skewers

Monday- Leftover from Sunday

Tuesday- Sausage Stuffed Green Peppers

Wednesday- leftovers from Tuesday

Thursday- Beef and Lettuce Bundles- new appetizer recipe

Friday- Grilled Sausage with Summer Vegetables and low carb pasta

Saturday- leftovers from Friday

I think I am going to make a large batch of Orange Coconut Pecan Pancakes to take to work each day for my breakfast using this recipe. I will share more about that later this week.

For lunch this week I have bought a large amount of fresh vegetables to take, as well as my usual Kroger’s low carb yogurt. I get strange stares when I am buying 30 cartons of it at a time, but it is so worth it.

Enjoy and have a good week. Are you making plans for your weeks menu?


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