Shopping in Virginia

When we were in Virginia on vacation we had so much fun shopping. We spent Saturday morning going to yard sales and I was able to score some great toys for Caleb.

At one yard sale they had puzzles that Caleb loves. The one puzzle makes the sound of the vehicle once you put it in the correct hole. Samantha threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t stop playing with it in the car. It is hard to believe that I gave birth to such a bully. :::sigh:::

I didn’t take pictures of the cute little chairs that I bought for his room. Now grandpa needs to make him a little table. 🙂

Samantha took me to a store called Five and Below. I loved this store. I found so many things that have the Toy Story theme that he loves so much.

We had a great time while shopping. Samantha and I went to TJ Max and I found a dress that I dearly loved. Unfortunately it was a bit too snug in the belly so I handed it over the dressing room door to Samantha and it fit her perfectly. While she was still trying on clothes I went back into the store and found the dress in a larger size that fit me perfectly.

Ben thought it was a bit weird that his wife and mother-in-law were buying the same dress but it isn’t as if we live in the same state and will be seen in public together wearing it. I wanted to pretend that Samantha and I were going to church on Sunday wearing them at the same time but Samantha couldn’t pull off the prank. She kept laughing. Ben was only sweating for a few seconds. Poor baby. haha

We also went to Bare Escentuals so that I could stock up on items. It is so difficult not to have a store that sells this locally. I love this store. The sales clerk saw me coming and apparently works on commission. She was more than happy to drop everything to help me fill my bag. LOL I should be well stocked for about a year now. I hope it lasts a year.


2 responses to “Shopping in Virginia

  1. 1. You were out of control with the mooing puzzle toy.
    2. I love the dress.
    3. Yes, the sales clerk LOVED you. It was kind of funny.

  2. 1. I was not out of control with that puzzle. I just needed to make sure that it worked perfectly for our perfect little man.
    2. The dress is wonderful. I wore it to work.
    3. That sales clerk was nice but a little pushy. She was so excited about the eye shadows and kept telling me every shade was just perfect for me. hahaha. I knew what I was looking for I just needed to find it. I have to agree that the cleanser and moisturizer is better than any other I have ever used. I will have to buy it.

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