My KitchenAid Mixer

I love my KitchenAid mixer. Not in a sick stalking kind of way but in a way that I would have to run out and buy another the same day if this one would ever break kind of way.

When I decided that I wanted to make the plunge and get this beautiful baby I bargained shopped and the thrifty person in me deliberated as to if this was a necessary purchase or just one that I want. So in other words was this a want or a need. At that time it was merely a want. Now I realize that this is a NEED.

It is amazing how much easier my life is now that I have this mixer. Making my muffins each week for my breakfast is a snap. The flat mixer attachment goes through the cream cheese so much easier. Being able to be hands free to pour items in the bowl is so nice. I can easily wash the bowl and attachments and move on to making other items. I tend to bake a lot on Sundays to get through the work week much easier.

Generally on Sundays I make muffins and a desert for myself and bread and a cake for my husband to last us the week. This mixer makes my life so much easier and leaves me more time to spend with my family and to relax before having to go back to working so hard Monday through Friday.

I was talking to my sister, Donna about how much I love my mixer. She said that when she first got hers she considered it to be a gift for herself. Then she realized that this item should not come out of personal gift funds it should come out of the household necessity fund since this is a necessity for everyone. After thinking about it I agree. Just as every home needs a vacuum cleaner and stove you need a KitchenAid mixer.

It really does make eating healthier much easier.


2 responses to “My KitchenAid Mixer

  1. I definitely would have to agree! I bought one used from a woman whose mom had died. I have no idea how old it is, but it was well-loved by my friend’s mom and it is well-loved by me. There is nothing that can whip up egg whites like my Kitchen Aid either. How I managed to get by before I had this, I have no idea! It is a fantastic machine, and I totally “get” what you’re saying!

    • Isn’t it so true about the egg whites? I love that for mine too. Making the keylime cheesecake was so simple. I just put the egg whites in it with the whisk attachment and walked away. It was so quick and effortless.

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