Tomato Plants

I have been watching people grow the upside down tomato plants for years and have finally decided to give it a try. I bought two of the planters and planted them the week after we came back from Virginia. I liked the thought of them so much that I bought two more and Caleb helped me plant them the next weekend.

I can’t believe how quickly they are growing and I actually already have blooms on them.

Caleb helped me to plant seeds in the top of the plants but so far I only see one little sprout and I have a bad feeling that it is just a weed. I may end up putting flowers in the top if the seeds don’t take hold. We planted Rosemary, Cilantro and Cherry Tomatoes in one of them.

If I have any luck with these this year I plan to make my backyard look like this man’s next year. I think this is my dream garden.


2 responses to “Tomato Plants

  1. OMG what did you use for soil/ This is the first time I have seen your video Amazing

    • I used potting soil but I think I may have confused people. That video isn’t my garden. That would be my dream garden. If the tomato plants work I plan to go all out next year with many planters like the man did in the video.

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