My Cookbooks

Two years ago when I became a Diabetic I purged my cookbooks and only kept the ones that I could use with my new low carb lifestyle. Since then I have found more cookbooks that have many recipes that I can easily convert to low carb. It is amazing how quickly cookbooks seem to breed and take over. My goal is to keep them in this one cabinet and not to get more than these two shelves can hold.

You can see my little post-it flags sticking up from the pages. When I get a new cookbook I like to go through each page and flag the recipes that I want to try and think I can convert to make low carb. It makes it easier when I am compiling my menus to find the recipes that I can easily use.

The recipes that I make and convert I like to print on pretty paper and using rub-ons I decorate them and put them into cover sheet protectors and keep them in this 3 inch binder.

I know that there are many recipes online and I do use those sometimes but I prefer to use the ones that I can find in a book. It is just easier for me. I often found the recipes online called for ingredients that had to be purchased online and weren’t normal food items. I want my food to be as normal as possible. I don’t want to worry about having enough of an item and knowing that I can’t purchase it at a regular store. I am not knocking the low carb products that you get online I just don’t want that huge expense and headache of purchasing online and possibly running out at the last-minute when I am wanting something special.

This is the system that works for me and helps me to stay balanced on a  low carb lifestyle. It really does have to become a lifestyle to work.


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