New Folding Chairs

A few weeks ago when I moving things around I gave my dining room table and chairs that I had in the craft room to Goodwill. I needed to be able to put the full size bed in there to make Caleb his own room. The problem was that I use those extra chairs every holiday around the dining room table in my dining room to make enough seating for everyone. I love to have people over and I really deliberated over getting rid of the table and chairs because I needed the extra seating.

I decided that I needed to take a leap of faith and know that God would provide a way for me to get folding chairs that would sit at the right height to work around the kitchen table and also be comfortable. It was very scary to get rid of them but I did it. On Thursday I went to Gabriels to look for shoes and I found these instead.

I love the metal work on them and they fold up so flat that I can easily get them all into my craft room/guest room closet. The best part is they were only $14.99 each. I bought six.

You should have seen me going through the store. I could only get 4 in the cart and so I put one in each hand and pushed the cart with my stomach from the back of the store to the front. I went passed several employees and no one offered to help me but that was okay. I managed just fine. When I got to the front the cashier helped me to get them to my car.

I am so pleased with these. They are not fancy but they will definitely serve the purpose that I will need them for and storing them won’t be an issue either. They are perfect for us. I don’t think I will let Caleb sit in them. I worry about him falling through the opening in the back of them. I may make him sit in his high chair until he is 20. hahaha


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