What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday Caleb woke up with a high fever and throwing up. Throughout the day the lowest that they could get his fever to come down was to 102.6. He just wanted to lay on his daddy. For those of us who know Caleb know he never sits still for more than two seconds. I was worried the entire day.

Then last night his fever went so high that they couldn’t stand to touch his skin because it burned their hands. They took him to the ER and were told that there are a lot of toddlers coming in with this virus. It only lasts 24 hours and the only symptoms are fever and vomiting.  Last night I asked everyone that I knew to pray for this little guy and this morning he is perfectly fine.

I went over to their house to take him cookies and he wanted to go to my house. Just look at this kid today. It is as if he were never sick.

I drove through Dairy Queen and got him a chicken basket. He loves it. After not eating yesterday he certainly made up for it today.

For all of you who were praying for my little man I want to say thank you. He made it through the storm and God was faithful.


One response to “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. Glad he’s feeling better. It’s always scary when a child has a high fever. Praise the Lord he is all better!

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