Caleb Just Wasn’t Happy

Warning!  This post will have pics of high carb food. It will also have pics of a very cute little boy and his equally cute daddy. Before people go crazy posting about how unhealthy the food was I will completely agree with you. This was a once in a lifetime occurrence and my son took the challenge. LOL

This past week my son and daughter-in-law took Caleb to a restaurant that is in a rural area of our state. It is called Hillbilly Hotdogs. They boast to have the biggest hotdog in the state. Just the wiener on this hotdog is one pound. They have named this hotdog The Homewrecker Hotdog. LOL

Stephen wanted to try to see if he could eat this hotdog. They have a sign on their wall with a pic of a man who was able to eat it. So far no one has ever managed to eat the entire thing but the one man. Stephen made it within 3 bites of finishing it and said if he had eaten one more bite he would have been ill. Take a look at this hotdog.

Now the part of this story that cracks me up is this next pic. Take a look at Caleb’s face when he compares his hotdog to daddy’s. hahaha

Can you just imagine what was going through his little two-year old mind? I am so glad that my son doesn’t eat this way on a regular basis. He normally eats very healthy food and loves to cook but every once in a while he has to take a challenge. lol


2 responses to “Caleb Just Wasn’t Happy

  1. That sucks he couldn’t finish it. To be that close and not do it must have been heartbreaking.

    • Oh he said he really wanted to but he just couldn’t finish it. My daughter teased him that he has been in training for this his entire life and should have finished it. Having come from a divorced family they always had 4 different homes to go to on Thanksgiving each year. Their spouses have learned how to pace themselves now to not kill themselves on these holidays. hahaha

      I was suprised that he didn’t finish it.

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