Mixed Nuts

Another suggestion for a snack item are mixed nuts. I purchase the Planters Deluxe Nuts that do not have peanuts. Peanuts are higher in carbs and I try to stay away from these. Sorry that the picture is of an empty container but that is how it goes in this house. haha

DO NOT and I mean DO NOT eat the nuts directly from the container. You never really realize how many nuts you are eating until half the container are gone. Nuts do have carbs and you need to measure your amount of nuts to be sure to not go over your allowed carb count for the meal/day/snack.

I recommend using these little bowls.

This is enough for one serving.



2 responses to “Mixed Nuts

  1. Those pesky peanuts are a big problem in most nut-mixes. When they’re there, they always make up the majority of the nuts. I also almost always think mixed nuts are too salty. I’m thinking of buying up some of my favorites and mixing my own. The one you mention would be almost perfect, though, if I just threw in some pistachios.

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