My Weekly Menu For 7/18/2010

My meals lasted longer than planned again. I love it when that happens. I never did get around to making the Asian Spiced Chicken Wings with Vegetables so I am making them today. My grandson spent the night with me last night and I have so much to do today that I am really going to enjoy using my crockpot to make the meal. Gotta love a good crockpot. I can’t imagine living without one, or two or who am I kidding? I have four. hahaha

Sunday- Asian Spiced Chicken Wings with Vegetables using this recipe.

Monday- left overs from Sunday

Tuesday- probably left overs from Sunday as well.

Wednesday- Hearty Sausage Meatball Soup using this recipe.

Thursday- left overs from Wednesday.

Friday- leftovers from Wednesday as well.

Saturday- Rosemary Lime Chicken using this recipe.

Vegetables to include in this weeks menu are as follow:

  • Zucchini
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • squash
  • cucumbers

I also plan on making Blackberry Cobbler again using this recipe.


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