Lily’s Kitchen Rug

I finally finished my kitchen rug that I have been knitting. I had bought the yarn a year ago when I went on a road trip with my knitwits. I had waited to get started on it because we were working on the kitchen and I knew that I wouldn’t be putting it down until we were finished. Well now it is done and I love it.

I found this pattern on the Michael’s website at this location.

The rug measures 26 X 36 without the fringe. Add another 8 inches on it for the fringe. The pattern calls for you to cast on 99 stitches. Had I cast on 99 my rug would have been more than 40 inches wide. I had to play around with it and found that by casting on 69 I was able to get the correct dimensions that the end result should be.

I also used Bernat Cotton thread and you need to knit it using 2 strands at a time.  I ended up needing twice the amount of yarn than the pattern called for. It is a good thing that I had bought enough to do two rugs or I would not have had enough yarn to do the one I got.

I love this pattern. It was very simple and I love the end result. If you decide to do this pattern just remember to cast on 69 and buy twice the amount of yarn that it calls for.

3 responses to “Lily’s Kitchen Rug

  1. Wow, I really love this!

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