Caleb At The Fair

This past week was the county fair here in WV. My wonderful daughter-in-law has always been very involved with 4H and she is instilling her love for animals and farming in Caleb. This week Caleb was in the County Fair in two different aspects. On Tuesday he was in the toddler beauty pageant. I have to share a few pics with you.

The second was a bit blurry but I still think he is adorable in it. LOL He kept telling me that the little girl in front of us was pretty and asked me to get her picture. She was bashful and hid her head.

Caleb won first runner up, most photogenic and cutest outfit. He really enjoyed being in this and all of the attention that he was getting.

On Friday he was in the goat show for toddlers. He loves his goat. Its name is Nana Doat.  This goat has an identity issue though. You may recall my posting about the goat before.

Due to Nana Doat being raised by a dog she thinks that she is a dog. She will beg for attention and paw at Kristin’s leg like my own dog does. She did not act like the other goats at all there. She was hysterical.

This next picture is of Caleb, his daddy and his Great Grandpa Carroll


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