My Weekly Menu For August 8, 2010

This weeks menu will be very pleasing for me. I am using up the last of the meat items in my freezer from when I stockpiled a couple of months ago. I have been going to  a new local farmers market and found excellent sources of vegetables and plan to include them into my meals this week.

I am trying a new recipe for breakfast items this week and I will be including it later this week if we like it. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins with English Walnuts. Doesn’t that sound to die for? Wish me luck.

This week we will have the following.

Sunday- Beer Chicken with Vegetables using the following recipe.

Monday- Leftover Meatloaf from Saturday using this recipe.

Tuesday- Leftover Beer Chicken with Vegetables from Sunday

Wednesday- Eggplant Parmesan using the following recipe but I plan to add Italian Sausage to it too.

Thursday- Left overs from Wednesday

Friday- Tender and Tangy Ribs using the following recipe.

Saturday- left overs from the week. I am sure that there will be plenty.

We will be including the following vegetables for the week.

  • eggplant
  • green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers
  • onion
  • tomatoes



2 responses to “My Weekly Menu For August 8, 2010

  1. Meal planning like this is one of my biggest goals, since it’s so cost effective and will help to keep me on track. Since food is on my mind pretty much all the time, I think it’ll help keep me from getting stressed out about when and where my next meal is coming from. I really need to work on breaking the habit of waiting until I’m hungry and then deciding what to eat, because then I don’t feel like putting in the work on a recipe and I risk messing up.

    Thanks for the motivation to think ahead about my week!

    • You are very welcome. Planning ahead is the only way that I can function with Diabetes. It also keeps me from spending more than my budgeted allowance for groceries by planning ahead. I can’t imagine being successful on this way of eating without planning ahead for it.

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