Pro V Stainless

When it comes to kitchen gadgets I have a weakness. I admit it. I bought the Pro V Stainless a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It slices two thicknesses, julienne’s two thicknesses, chops,  finely grounds food and grates. When I saw it on ShopNBC I had a difficult time believing it would be so easy to use but boy did it live up to its promise. It chops things so quickly.

It comes with this cute little holder that holds all of the parts that you need to make the different cuts. There is even a holder that the food goes in to keep your fingers protected while you use it. That goes in the top of the holder.

Forget the price that it says in this video. I got mine at ShopNBC for less. I am sure that if you shop around you can get an even better deal that I got. Watch this video to see what all this slicer can do.


I got it the day before I went to Virginia and I had to take it with me. I used it there to slice the eggplant for the eggplant parmesan and since coming home I have used it to slice peppers, onions and more eggplant. I love this thing. Clean up is a breeze too. If my daughter weren’t so accident prone I would buy her one but her husband would KILL me. If you want one  go here. You might try googling it to see if you can get a better deal somewhere online. v


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