My Weekly Menu for 8/15/2010

This last week was very busy at work but I was able to maintain the low carb way of living and kept my glucose levels down all week. That is the goal. Survival with Diabetes without needing medication. Yay!! Low Carb!!!

This week I will be making the chocolate chocolate chip muffins again for breakfast. I don’t know if it is the caffeine in the chocolate or what but it kept me feeling satisfied even longer in the day between meals. I am going to play around with different diet sweeteners to see if I can get it to taste a bit sweeter. You can find the recipe here.

For our dinners I am going to try two new recipes. I have tried a couple of new recipes this past week and will be adding them to the blog this week. This week we will have the following.

Sunday- Garlic Pepper Steaks- These are left overs from Saturday and a new recipe we both loved. I will share this coming week.

Monday- Chicken Alfredo over “Pasta”

Tuesday- leftovers from Monday

Wednesday- Chicken Enchiladas

Thursday- left overs from Wednesday

Friday- California Turkey Burgers using the following recipe.

Saturday- left overs from Friday

I am making a new dessert recipe this week too. I hope to share that next week. I can tell by the ingredients that I will probably love it. Anything with chocolate and coconut in it can’t be bad. HAHA


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