Lunchbox Ideas #2

This is the second week of offering lunch box ideas for the Diabetic/Low carber. Is this something that you are interested in? Is this giving you ideas of ways to stay under the 20 carbs for your lunch and still be satisfied?

This week my wonderful husband grilled California Turkey Burgers for me to take for my lunch. I had the following and this is how the carb count came out for it. In the picture you will see yogurt but I ended up not eating the yogurt because everthing else satisfied me and I was full. My carb count each day for lunch came to 13 carbs. My glucose levels always tested under 90 each day too. Yay!!!

You can find the recipe here.

I had the following:

  • Turkey Burger- 2 carbs
  • Dip for the burger- 2 carbs
  • Fresh broccoli- 4 carbs
  • Dip for broccoli- 3 carbs
  • Jello that I added whipped topping to before eating- 2 carbs

This came to 13 carbs. Had I eaten the yogurt that is in the picture it would have been 16.

The dip I used for the burger is a mixture of real mayonnaise and low sugar ketchup mixed together. The Parmesan Garlic sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings is also very good on the burger and only 1 carb per serving.  The dip for the broccoli is just a low carb honey mustard salad dressing. Waldens is an option but the one I use is only sold locally.


5 responses to “Lunchbox Ideas #2

  1. I found your blog on pinterest and love it! I am a fellow low carber and recently went back to work after working from home for a few years. Your lunchbox ideas have really helped me out so much!! I felt so lost about boxed/bagged lunches! Thank you!!

  2. What is the dip?

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