The Crafty Crow

Caleb love to do arts and crafts with me when he visits on Saturday. He is very good in working with glue and crayons. He is too little for scissors but he can punch things out and tear like no tomorrow. A friend recommended this craft website for ideas for crafts to do with toddlers.

The Crafty Crow

If you have time this week how about trying to let your kids try making some placecard holders for the table or napkin rings. She has a ton of Thanksgiving projects on her site now.


2 responses to “The Crafty Crow

  1. Great site! I used to make Thanksgiving coloring sheets for my girls when they were little. I wish they were still little enough to care about Thanksgiving crafts. They grow up so fast!

    • How old are your daughters? My daughter still quills with me when he comes to visit. I think she thinks it is a “grown up” craft to do. I love the one on one time with her.

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