My Weekly Menu For 11/28/2010

It is hard to believe that November is already over but the Christmas tree is up and the nativity scene is out so it must be time for Christmas. Last week we had a small Thanksgiving dinner and were able to stay healthy and I managed to remain on my low carb journey towards better health. I was glad that I didn’t splurge on things that would have raised my blood glucose. With so many new recipes I was able to fully satisfy that craving for holiday goodies.

This week we will have the following for dinner.

Sunday- Mixed Bean Taco Chili

Monday- Left overs from Sunday

Tuesday- Potroast

Wednesday- Left overs from Tuesday

Thursday- Sausage- fresh from a local farm.

Friday- Blackened Chicken made into a salad with a new recipe for salad dressing that I will share later.

Saturday- left overs from Friday

For my breakfast this week I will be having the chocolate chocolate chip muffins and a low carb yogurt.


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