Natural Bridge Wax Museum

I kn0w. I know. You are wondering when will this vacation ever end.  I doubt it will. We had such an amazing time in Virginia. With the cost of admission to the Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge Taverns and the Indian Village and Trail we also had the opportunity to go to the Natural Bridge Wax Museum. We had put it off until the end of the day because we both felt it would be boring but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

This place was amazing and one of the biggest highlights of the trip. I could have easily went through it twice because there was so much to see. The wax figures were so lifelike and they each told their own story. The people who created this did an awesome job.

We went through one area that had many presidents who had spent the night at the Natural Bridge Hotel and they were all on the front porch of a make believe house in the display. I took pictures of all but 2 of the presidents. I couldnt’ make myself take their pictures. I know it was shallow but I couldn’t do it. I was in awe of the lifelike  figures. You really have to see this.

Can you guess who the people are above? I bet you can . What about these two historical figures?

The tour ends with a presentation that brings you to tears. They tell a story of the life of Christ. No one in the room said a word through this. It was very moving.

When you leave the tour you can go to the basement area and see where they make the wax figures. Down there we found a few more figures that I had to take pictures of.


The cost of the admission to the Natural Bridge Wax Museum, caverns, Natural Bridge, Indian Village, Trail to the waterfall and the Toy Museum was $26 per person. Not bad for that many attractions. It is very easy to spend the entire day seeing everything and you get the opportunity to learn quite a bit about the history of Virginia.


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