Low Carb Lunch Idea #14

I want to give a quick update on my husband’s eye burn. He is doing much better. He can actually open his eyes now and even though he can’t completely focus he feels that it will improve. He can’t see the end of a screw but he can see the screwdriver now so for him he has a goal. haha

I appreciate all of your prayers. I know that he is getting better each day and within time he will heal completely.  It is amazing how good his eyes look. They are no longer bright red and I really have to look for the white spot the doctor said he would always have. It is barely there. His quick recovery is amazing me.  I will give updates as he is healed. Thank you all again for your prayers. Now to the scheduled posting. 🙂

I am not sure how long I can continue to show new lunches without running out of things or boring everyone to tears but for now I am continuing. One thing that people say to me is that they don’t have time to cook as often as I do. The fact is I don’t cook that often. It only appears as if I do to the outsider.

For instance last week I made a big pan of Cooked Cabbage with Bacon and took it for my lunch each day with fresh veggies and yogurt. Some people get bored if they eat the same thing each day for lunch but I don’t. You can change the side veggie and yogurt and it is slightly different.

It broke down this way.

For a total of 12 carbs for the meal and I was full.


One response to “Low Carb Lunch Idea #14

  1. I loved cooked cabbage, especially with bacon! Looks good. Glad to hear your hubby is better. I’m enjoying your animal pictures, too. 🙂

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