My Weekly Menu For 12/12/2010

Christmas is fast approaching and since there seems to be so many goodies available at this time of year I have intentionally not made any desserts between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had noticed that between October and November I had gained four pounds so I decided to take control of it. So far I am back down two just by cutting out any desserts and eating low carb. You can tell by my weekly menus that I am eating well.

This week I am making the following. Last week I made a double batch of Cranberry Pecan Muffins and froze half so I will be taking those for breakfast this week along with my Kroger’s low carb yogurt.

Over the weekend I made a new breakfast recipe so I will be sharing that this week. Caleb and I both really enjoyed it.

This week I will be having the following for my dinners.

Sunday- left over Beef Roast Braised in Zinfandel. This time instead of Zinfandel I used Cabernet Sauvignon and it was wonderful. Caleb and my daughter-in-law loved it as well.

Monday- Beefy Tostada Pie

Tuesday- left over Beefy Tostada Pie

Wednesday- Sausage, eggs and muffin

Thursday- Italian Chicken Breast

Friday- left over Italian Chicken Breasts

Saturday- King Ranch Chicken

Vegetables to be eaten this week will include the following:

  • Mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • celery
  • Green Beans

One response to “My Weekly Menu For 12/12/2010

  1. I am hungry just looking at the pics! Yummy!

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