Yoga For Beginners

I bought a yoga video a few months ago and it just sat there on the shelf until recently. One night I asked Mike if he wanted to do yoga with me. He said that his lower back had been hurting and that it was causing him to have pain down his legs. I suggested that perhaps the stretches in yoga could loosen his back and leg muscles. So he did this video with me.

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When we got into position on the floor I thought that I would be the more flexible of the two of us. I was sooooooooooooo wrong. Mike could bend his body into every single pose and he could hold it for the length of time that the video suggested.

There was one pose that I could not hold the entire duration. Put your body into the postion as if you are going to do a push up. Your body is straight and lifted into the air as if getting ready to go down to the floor. But don’t let your body go down. Simply hold it in the up position. It felt like an eternity but it wasn’t. I simply do not have the upper body strength that I would like to have. I am going to work on this.

When I do aerobics I always feel so energized and know that I have gotten a wonderful workout. The next day I do not feel as if I have been strengthened however. With my work schedule I don’t have time to do aerobics in the morning before work so I have to do it in the evenings. The problem is I get so much oxygen in my system from it that I can’t go to sleep that night.

With the yoga you are stretching and bending and it was amazing how the next day I could feel my muscles had gotten a workout. I could feel the muscles in my back for the first time. You keep your heart rate at a low level and your breathing is very calm and peaceful. I found myself yawning throughout the entire workout. About an hour after doing the yoga I went to bed and went straight to sleep.

I want to continue to do this yoga and get to the point where I am very toned in my arms and back. I wonder how long it will take for me to be able to get the advanced yoga DVD? Time will tell.


One response to “Yoga For Beginners

  1. How fun-
    I have wanted to try yoga, but I am too afraid…
    I should try a video – just the ticket! – Thanks for a great idea!

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