Haunted Ghost Tour in VA

I know many of you will be shouting HOORAY. This is my last post about our vacation in VA in October.  On Saturday night while we were there we went on a Haunted Ghost Tour in Lexington VA. This was a blast. Be prepared to walk 2.5 hours througout the city at night. It was a bit cool but with the walking being at a fast speed you will be fine. They only offer the tours from May until October and since Halloween is in October it was the perfect time to go.

We booked our tours through Lexington Ghost Tours.  This tour company is owned by the same couple that own HalloScream and Foamhenge. This was very well handled and our tour guide Heidi was amazing.  We loved her. She told the stories very well and with just the right amount of humor to keep our interest.

We began at the Lexington Visitor Center and our first stop was in an alley behind a building that many years ago housed a restaurant.  The story is that the cook at the restaurant was a very mean man that killed a mother cat and her kittens by throwing them alive inside the wood burning stove. The story is that at night you can see the cats walking across the roof of the building.

For some reason the picture that I took in this alley turned out like this. I am sure that it was the photographer and not some ghostly haunting messing with my camera. I do not take very good pictures in the dark.

Our wonderful guide was in civil war period costume and carried a lantern to lead us throughout the city.

We went to the Robert E Lee Church where he had been the night of his death. It is located just down the block from his home where it is reported that the ghost of his horse still walks the neighborhood.

This is a picture of Robert E. Lee’s house. We didn’t see a horse that night but the story is quite the story to hear from the guide.

At one point we ended up in front of a building that years ago used to be a fraternity house. The story is that a man committed suicide in this house and since then if anyone closes the window in the attic of the house the glass will crack out of it or the window will open on its own. You can’t see from the photos but the window is open that they spoke of.

There were many other homes and locations that we went to and heard the most amazing stories. I highly recommend this ghost tour. We ended the ghost tour in the cemetery where Stonewall Jackson is buried. We all experienced something in this cemetery but I won’t tell you what it was. You will have to go for yourselves. bwahahaha


3 responses to “Haunted Ghost Tour in VA

  1. Awesome!
    You know, I thought I saw….
    well… never mind….might have just been the camera!!
    I had a nurse friend who was one of the guides for an historical site like that.
    She dressed up in costume and helped with the tours.
    What a fun job that would be!
    That would be a fun place to go, for sure!

  2. the “smears” on your photos are not just the person taking the photos. I have some like it from a “ghost tour” my sister and I took in Savannah, Ga. I also had the batteries in my camera deplete on 2 seperate ghost tours, despite installing new batteries!
    My dear, your are feeling not just listening to the stories!

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