List of Diabetic Specialty Items

In the past I made a list of specialty diabetic items that would help you to make many of the recipes that are on this blog. I am adding this again but making it a page so that you can click on it to the side from a special link. Hopefully this will make it much easier for you to find these items and know what they are.

As a new item is used on the blog I will update this list with links to where you can locate this item as well. Most items are things that you can find in your local grocery store but a few people have told me that they have difficulty locating some of the items. For this reason I have made links so if you can’t find it locally you can purchase these online. You can also find these items in the new box on the side for my webstore. Again, MOST of these items you can find locally. This is to help those who can’t. Some of the items I have personally found are cheaper to purchase online so that is also something to consider.

Blanched Almond Meal Flour
– This is almonds that have been ground to a meal consistency. They can be used in most baking items to replace flour. It is shocking how much the taste and texture of almond flour resembles flour.

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour
– This is coconut that has been ground to a flour consistency. I use this in desserts as well. It makes really good muffins and cookies.

Bob’s Red Mill Unsweetened Medium Shredded Coconut
– You have to be very careful when purchasing coconut. Some are lower in carbs than others depending on the processing. I use this in pancakes and coconut meringue pie.

Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Bran
– This is not the same thing as wheat germ. This is very high in fiber and despite being very healthy for you it offers texture to your baked goods.

Da Vinci SUGAR FREE French Vanilla Syrup
– I used this in my pumpkin pie recipe. I also use this sometimes to replace vanilla in some recipes.


One response to “List of Diabetic Specialty Items

  1. Thanks for taking the time to make a list.
    You must be Santa’s Helper!
    I was just thinking about getting some Almond Meal Flour,
    and trying my hand at baking some LoCarb treats!

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