My Husband

Today is the day after Christmas. I sit here looking at my Christmas tree with all of the presents still wrapped under it. We had already planned that today would be our day of Christmas and opening presents but even if we hadn’t we would still have our presents under the tree.

Early yesterday my husband, Mike was eating and a piece of food got caught in his throat. This has happened before and we discovered that his throat had never grown. It was still the size of a newborn babies throat. He had 5 surgeries in the past to stretch his esophagus but apparently it had shrank back to the small size again.  He had emergency surgery yesterday to get the food out of his throat and they had to restretch his esophagus again.

He made me promise before I took him that I would not let them admit him as they did for five days last time. I regretted that promise last night when he was in so much pain that he could barely breathe. He couldn’t walk without support on each side of him. Our children were here until almost 1. Samantha and Ben are staying here so I did have support in the house if we needed it during the night. He is living from pain med to pain med.

He will be on pureed food for the next week. He can tough it out. The first time this happened he was on pureed food for three months. He claims that he can handle having Christmas today. He wants to see Caleb open his presents.  Please keep Mike in your prayers over the next few weeks. I figure he is looking at one more surgery to stretch it again in about a month followed by another week of pureed food. My posting this week may be sporadic and I apologize now but I will update as time allows and Mike’s health allows.  I am sure that you will all understand.


10 responses to “My Husband

  1. God bless you both! I will definitely be praying for his pain and continued surgeries, as well as for your own strength and peace of mind. I hope that you have a good Christmas celebration today with Caleb and you are both able to enjoy it. You will be on my mind…

  2. OMGoodness! Bless your sweet hearts. The best gift we have is families and friends! The presents are just pretty icons of Love.
    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  3. Your family, especially your husband, are in our prayers. Your are all together and that is a gift in itself.

  4. He will be in my prayers! I have never heard of this before! I hope he gets better quickly!

  5. Many prayers & blessings to you & your family and especially a speedy recovery to your hubby. Your family is amazing will come through this, I can tell!
    Love & hugs to all of you,
    One of your on-line fans!

  6. What a terrible way to spend Christmas. A prayer will be said (by many I am sure) for your husband and your family.

  7. I will most certainly keep him in my prayers. I was also wondering if you owned a juicer. You can juice just about any combination of fruits and vegetables. To make it more tasty just add apples and carrots. Plus it has super antioxidant qualities and so many vitamins. The juice would be easier for him to swallow at first. I do hope he feels better soon. Take your time on getting back to your blog. I’ll be here when you get back. Take care.

  8. Very sorry to hear your sad news. I’m sure all your readers will be saying prayers on your behalf and I hope that will give you strength. Don’t worry about posting, just take care of your hubby and yourself. It’s especially sad when tragedy strikes on Christmas instead of being able to experience the joy of getting together with loved ones. It must have been scary for little Caleb too. Good luck to all of you. Sending prayers from Massachusetts..

  9. Grace, I’m so sorry to hear this about Mike. That must have been so stressful for you both!
    I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

  10. We will def keep him in our prayers.

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