Happy New Year

I am excited about this new year. I have many projects in my head that I want to accomplish. Do you have projects that you seem to always be working on? I want to expand my blog in some way. I want to knit more. I want to put more excitement in my life as well. Not sure how to do that but I want to.

Lately all I can think about is how I would love to live on a farm with chickens, a cow and some space to garden. Financially I don’t see how I can make that happen but it is a nice dream.

What are your goals for the new year? Here are mine.

  1. Maintain my weight loss and remain healthy by controlling my glucose levels.
  2. Organize my home and declutter even more. I believe that I need to purge through more of my craft items and be honest about projects that I will NEVER do.
  3. I would like to write a cookbook for low carb/Diabetes.
  4. I want to knit more.
  5. There are several home repair projects that both my husband and I agree on that need to be done this year. That includes a new roof and new siding. We have already bought the new windows. We just need to get them installed. I am so glad that my husband is a contractor and knows how to do this all himself. It saves us so much money.
  6. I want to spend more time with my children.
  7. I want to be more supportive of my husband’s career. We are already working on a blog that shows the many homes that he has built and remodeled.

I think these are possible goals. What are your new goals for the new year?


5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Save me a copy of the book!
    Best wishes for a great New Year!

  2. You’ve got a good list of goals going. I like your idea of a cookbook. I’ll buy your first copy. Also, i’d love to check out your husbands blog. I’ve always had a dream of buying homes on the cheap and flipping them. I live on a farm, but all we have are cats and hogs. You’re welcome to visit if your ever in Southern Illinois. A few of my goals include eating healthy and exercise, spend time with hubby and kids, organize, pay off debts and spend more personal time with God.

    • It will be a couple of weeks before we are ready to release his blog. He is working on it but between illnesses and working it has been slow. I think I will probably provide a link on the blog in the next month for others to see once he gets more pictures up to show his work. Our daughter is working on the header for him too that is really going to be nice. We have seen the preliminary ones and are very impressed.

  3. I can totally relate with your goals! I’m constantly uncluttering: actually, I like uncluttering because of the end results. I love things “nice n’ neat”. I tell my kids (and myself), “If it doesn’t have a place MAKE ONE! If you can’t make one or it’s not worth the effort GET RID OF IT!”

    When we moved from our three bedroom home w/a garage, attic and yard to our 2 bedroom apt (no garage, no attic, no yard), I had to give up A LOT of my craft items! I HATED it-I was still able to sneak some things with me but if I’m truthful…I don’t see myself doing those things in the near future (sigh).

    Concerning my glucose: my goal is to get my fasting under control. I’t’s better now but it’s still not where it needs to be. My A1C is 5.5 so I’m not doing bad-but I know it (fasting) can be better.

    Here’s to a great 2011!

  4. Great goals ! I have some similar ones. I’m sure you can do it !!

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