The Biggest Loser

I love this show. This past season was the first time that I have watched an entire season. I never thought that my husband would enjoy the show but he actually looked forward to it each week with me.

I am a little sad that Jillian Michaels will be leaving the show after this season but I respect her wishes and hope that she is able to get that family that she is wanting so badly. As a mom and grandma I can’t imagine not having children so I can understand her desire for one.

So do you watch The Biggest Loser? Last season I was glad that Patrick won.  The three that I wanted in the final three made it and I was genuinely impressed with the love that these three individuals showed for each other. They really seemed to respect and encouraged each other.  That is the type of community that I would love for this blog to become. A place where people can come when they want to talk or have a question on how to achieve their goals and improve their health.

I figure that over the weeks of this new season that I will be talking quite a bit about it. Please feel free to join in and share your thoughts on the different participants as well. I want them all to win but in the end there can only be one winner of the grand prize but if they all try very hard they are all winners in the end.


11 responses to “The Biggest Loser

  1. I don’t watch it… I want to but never can remember when it is on. 🙂 When does the new season start?? I love love love your blog! (oh and I am lovemygirls on 2peas. 🙂

    • Sorry, I meant lovemybabes (I am lovemygirls on a mommy board) LOL… 😉

    • Hello Shannon. I know you!! Welcome to my blog. 🙂 The Biggest Loser season premier begins January 4th (tomorrow). I am so excited about this one. Can you tell?

  2. Well, I never had kids…
    But I have raised a few!
    So yeah!

  3. I just started watching The Biggest Loser with season 9. I like it b/c it’s a lot more positive than most reality shows – not a lot of drama. I really, really wanted Ada to win but I liked Patrick too. I’ll miss Jillian after this season – I can’t imagine the show without her.

    • I really liked Ada too last season and my heart went out to her for what she endured during her childhood. But in the end I still wanted Patrick to win. He seemed to not only need it more he wanted it more. Does that make sense? Frado is the true example of a man with class. I have nothing but admiration for the man and everything that he accomplished. Can you tell that I love the show? haha

  4. You have me wanting to check it out!

  5. This is my first year to watch it. A friend of mine i work with nagged me all last year about watching it, but i kept forgetting about it and could never remember when it came on. So, this year i decided to use my DVR. Now i will not miss and episode. I watched the first one last night and enjoyed it so much i stayed up an hour past my bedtime. I only meant to watch half and go to bed, but i just kept forwarding through the commercials so i could see what happened next. I guess you could say i am hooked now. I will keep watching for this one on your blog.

    • I am so glad that you watched it. I also stayed up late to watch it Tuesday and last night typed a very long post that will be on the blog soon. I cried when Ana had to leave at the end. Both she and Irene wanted the other to stay. To see a mother and daughter taken away from each other was so difficult to watch for me. I was very pleased to see that she has lost 50 pounds so far. What did you think of the challenge? Watching them all work so hard to win was very emotional as well. I LOVE this show. 🙂

  6. I teared up when Ana had to leave, but i’m so proud of her. She is doing so well. I want to continue to keep up with the show. Since i didn’t watch it in the past I am indifferent to Jillian and the new trainer. I’ve seen Jillian’s face in magazines and read a few articles about her, but she has the same training as the new trainers. That said, if it were me, I would have definately went the immunity and new trainer. I’m a newbie to the show though, so others would probably choose to stay with her since she is a celebrity now. I could understand that.

    • I teared up too. Even after having watched the show last season and really loving Bob and Jillian I agree that I would have taken the immunity for 4 weeks and gone with the new team. I would have cried but I would have gone. What did you think when they had to push the truck up a hill for a mile? Ugh. I am always amazed at how hard they workout. I would never survive the camp. haha

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