My Weekly Menu For 1/09/11

Mike is back to eating again. Yay!!! I am still making things that I know cook very soft but for the most part our lives are back to normal until his next surgery. He sees the surgeon again in a week. :::sigh:::

This week my breakfast will consist of cranberry pecan muffins and low carb yogurt.

Our dinners will consist of the following.

Sunday- Buffalo wings. We used to have this every Sunday but it has been a while so I am looking forward to these.

Monday- leftover Buffalo wings

Tuesday- pot roast- new recipe to come

Wednesday- leftover pot roast

Thursday- Mike has requested sausage so he will be happy tonight. 🙂

Friday- Fried Chicken for Mike and I am having a recipe that I found on the 24/7 low carb website. If I like it I will share it. It is for a tomato soup. One thing that I really missed when I began low carbing was Campbell’s Tomato Soup. I am really looking forward to this.

Saturday- leftovers from the week. Caleb should be coming as well so he loves to try new things so we can hook him up. 🙂


2 responses to “My Weekly Menu For 1/09/11

  1. looks good – and isn’t if funny that there are just some things we miss and like – any now they can make a substitute for almost every thing!

  2. YUM! That’s all I have to say! YUM! Awesome menu plan for this week!

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