My Weekly Menu For 1/16/11

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was afraid that there would be a food shortage. On Friday, I was reading on the MSNBC website that there will be a food shortage across the world and that food prices will go up. Then when I got off of work I was shocked how empty so many of the shelves and coolers were at Krogers. I noticed this before Christmas as well.

People were practically pushing each other out of the way to get to things on the shelves first. I had never seen people act this way before in a grocery store. I have to admit that it is making me nervous and makes me want to be on a farm even more and be more self-sufficient. I am working on that goal now. We found 45 acres and our plan is to sell our home that we have now and move within the year. We just have to do a few repairs and upgrades on our current home now before we list it to sell.

Now that we have decided that moving to a farm is in our finances I can’t make things move fast enough. In reality it will be about a year or so before we make it there. There isn’t a house built on it yet so we have to do that too. Luckily Mike is a contractor. hehehe Within 5 minutes of him telling me the farm was ours I presented him with the blueprints that I had picked out. Luckily he loved this one too. 🙂

I promise to try not to bore everyone with the farm talk. :::sigh::: I want to move. hehehe Now back to groceries and this weeks menu. I am trying to save money for the move and am making my grocery budget even tighter. I am keeping it all in a spreadsheet and am coming up with unique ways to eat low carb and save money at the same time. I will share that along the way. I think with the economy the way it is we all need to find ways to save.

This week I will be having 2 of the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins and a low carb yogurt for breakfast. This will come to 10 carbs per meal.

My dinners will consist of the following:

Sunday- Beer Chicken with vegetables

Monday- left over Beer Chicken with vegetables.

Tuesday- Enchilada Pie

Wednesday- Left over Enchilada Pie

Thursday- Mike has requested sausage again. This comes in handy too since I get one day off from cooking because he does it. 🙂

Friday- California Turkey Burgers

Saturday- left over California Turkey Burgers

My vegetables for the week will include:

  • green, red and yellow peppers
  • onions
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • green beans

4 responses to “My Weekly Menu For 1/16/11

  1. Good for you – follow your dreams – stocking and storage are what I do best – people laugh at me but I am well prepared. Have been gardening for over 40 years and my shelves prove it. Our children “grocery shop” in our basement. Keep “plowing” ahead.

  2. When I lived in Germany, (in the Army)
    people were pushing each other
    to get one item from the shelves.
    All the shelves were empty
    and the lines for food extended down the aisle.
    One lady even took something out of my hand,
    and slapped the back of my wrist!
    And cussed me out in German!

    So yeah, it’s good to be prepared!


    I really enjoy reading about how they prepare for the future and thought you might enjoy looking through her site too.

    • OH my goodness. I am hooked on that blog. I think it was destiny for you to give me this link. I am so excited about living on the farm and being self sufficient but when I am planning the theme song from Green Acres is playing in my head and I am saying with an accent, “I get allergic smelling hay. Dahling I love you but give me Park Avenue.” hahaha But I still want to live on the farm. I want chickens and a couple of cows. I do I do. Thank you so much for sharing this link.

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