Saving Money on Groceries

I have been following a blog recently that really helps me to locate great deals at the grocery store. Deal Seeking Mom has a list of hot items for the week every Sunday for many stores including the one that I shop at.  When she shows you the deal she also tells you where the coupon is that you can use for that item.  Last week she tipped me off to a great deal on Curel lotion that my husband uses so much. If you purchased 2 of them CVS was giving coupons back for $5 off your next purchase. I already had coupons for this so in the end I only paid $2 each instead of the regular $8 each. is another place that helps me to save money. You can print coupons or have them uploaded onto your card that you use for many of the grocery stores. Krogers works beautifully with this site. I simply click which coupons I want added onto my Krogers card and when I purchase that item their cash register automatically uses my coupon to give me the savings. .

With you can easily print a list of the coupons that you have electronically uploaded to your card. Uploading the coupons saves so much with the cost of paper and ink. I prefer to do couponing this way but do use the paper ones that come in Sunday’s newspaper.

I love how easy it is to shop at Krogers. I still shop at Aldi’s for quite a bit but for my yogurt and health and beauty products I can get the best deal at Krogers. On Friday I went to both Aldi’s and Krogers. Aldi’s has a wonderful produce selection and I bought my milk, cream cheese and red and yellow peppers there. This was much cheaper than if I had bought them at Krogers. I also bought 12 cans of green beans. I plan to stock up on green beans and a few other pantry items over the next few months.

Even with shopping at 2 stores I only spent $62.09 and had enough food for more than a week.  By using coupons and purchasing items that Deal Seeking Mom had suggested I saved $15.78 at Krogers. My biggest expenses come from my low carb yogurt that I purchase each week.  Since it is a store brand item there are never coupons for them.

Krogers mails coupons about every 2-3 weeks. These are excellent coupons. Friday I got 75 cents off of my fresh cilantro that I needed for the California Turkey Burgers. They always have coupons for their fresh salad mixes, and $2 off when you buy $10 of fresh meat from their meat department. I only buy meat when I have the meat coupon and I purchase whatever meat item is on sale for that week.

Is saving money something that you all would like to see more of on the blog? I want to stockpile some food but not in a hoarding kind of way. Only items that we use and only a 3 month supply. Did you know that most items come out with new coupons every 3 months and the stores coorelate their sales to when the coupons are available. It is a win win for everyone. 🙂

 I see other people coming out of the grocery store with huge buggies full of items and only spending $10 but with eating healthy and low carb I do not get the huge buggies of food. Instead I get healthy items. Fresh produce, fresh meat, fresh dairy. You can save money and eat healthy. You just have to be a bit more organized to do it.


4 responses to “Saving Money on Groceries

  1. I seriously need to hook up my printer.
    That would save a ton of money.

  2. Great Tips. Thanks! I heard about a new site at Church. It compares prices at the top stores here in Atlanta. From what I’ve read, it updates twice a week and shows where the lowest prices are on a few hundred items. You can print out your shopping list or have it sent to your phone. (I’m not savvy enough for that though). I email them since their not up yet, and they told me they will be up on January 20th in Atlanta and Birmingham AL. then other cities. I can’t wait to try it.

    • Thanks for the tip. The only problem with that site is that they charge you to use their service. There are already so many free blogs that offer the exact same thing that I can’t throw away good money on it. I am sure that they offer some benefit to some but I prefer Deal Seeking Mom and Money Saving Mom. They offer everything for practically every store. 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the tips! I’m HORRID with coupons. I’ve watched those programs of folks using coupons, saving a ton of cash and get envious! I like the coupon card idea. Genius! I will definitely be checking out the sites you mentioned.

    It is a bit scary-right? Yesterday, on a news channel (pbs) , I heard about the low grain supply. I believe last year we had to go into the reserves? For grain? You’d think there would certainly be enough of that. It’s grown everywhere.

    All I can say is this: My confidence & hope comes from the Lord. It’s by His grace and His grace ALONE that I am His.

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