Biggest Loser Week 3

This week was very good. They finally showed us the new trainers. They seem ok but I don’t feel a bond with them yet. Hopefully we see more so that we can accept them more.

I loved the egg challenge and how the unknown trainer team tossed their eggs over the fence and worked as a team. I was glad that Marci won the challenge and earned the 2 pound advantage. I would hate it if her daughter were sent home. Courtney is a true inspiration to everyone.

  1. Arthur- He lost 4 pounds this week. The doctor had increased his calorie intake and he was not able to get in the gym much due to his health. I would hate to see him go home. His life really does depend on his losing weight.
  2. Jessie- He lost 9 pounds this week. You could tell how supportive he was of his son when he was seeing Arthur running on the treadmill. He really does love his son.
  3. Courtney- She lost 6 pounds this week. She was hard on herself and even Bob said he had expected more. I expect Courtney will make a drastic weight loss next week.
  4. Marci- She lost 7 pounds this week and constantly spoke of how if it came down to one of them having to go she wanted the group to send her home. She understands that Courtney NEEDS to be there.
  5. Rulon- Wow what a guy. He confronted all of the people on his team that need to step up their game and work harder. He is quite a motivator. He lost 10 pounds this week and is definitely leading by example.
  6. Justin- He is also a great motivator. His actual physical age was shown to be 59 instead of 39. This really moved him and he realized that he needs to step up his game to save his own life. This week he lost 10 pounds.
  7. Kaylee- She lost 5 pounds this week.
  8. Moses- This week he lost 11 pounds. The doctor explained that his physical age was so much older than his actual age and if he does not lose weight he is expected to die the year 2025. This really made his daughter cry to know she would not have her father in her life if he didn’t lose the weight.
  9. Dan- This guy really ticked me off. This week he and his brother both gained 9 pounds each. I had a feeling that he was planning on going home through the entire episode. I do understand that he was homesick and wanted to go see his daughter but his behavior was so wrong. I expected more of a police officer than to throw the contest in order to go home. I kept thinking of all of the other people in the US who would have loved to have had this opportunity and he threw it all away. I was glad to see that he has now lost 72 pounds on his own at home but he ruined this for so many others. So sad.
  10. Don- I lost a lot of respect for him this week. That is all there is to say about it.
  11. Austin- He was called out by Justin and Rulon at the beginning of the show for not trying very hard. The doctor showed him that his physical age is really 43 instead of 20. At the end of the show he really blew us away by losing 15 for the week.
  12. Ken- He did a great job this week by losing 13 pounds.
  13. Sarah- She was told that she has the highest body fat of anyone on the show and because of how her muscles had atrophied after a car accident she will have to exercise more than anyone else to lose the weight and keep it off. This week she lost 8 pounds.
  14. Deni- This week she lost 9 pounds.
  15. Jennifer- This week she lost 8 pounds.
  16. Jay- I really like this guy. He put 349 on his arm with a marker because he wanted to lose 15 pounds this week. In the end he lost 14 and earned the respect of Bob and Jillian.
  17. Olivia- This week she lost 6 pounds.
  18. Hannah- This week she lost 6 pounds.
  19. Larialmy- This week she lost 8 pounds.
  20. Jaquin- He was also confronted by Justin and Rulon about needing to step up his game to lose weight. This week he lost 19 pounds.
  21. Irene- She won the water challenge and won the right to make the choice of who had to go home in the end. The women in the group helped her to win because they put their trust in her. In the end when she had to choose between Dan and Don she chose Dan because he had been saying all week that he wanted to go home.

Next week it will be interesting to see how hard Bob and Jillian make Don work out after having helped Dan get thrown off of the ranch.  What did you think of the show this week? Did you get angry with the twins?


One response to “Biggest Loser Week 3

  1. Yes, I was shocked at the weight gain! I just can’t imagine what they did to gain 9 lbs. each. I agree that this behavior was wrong on so many levels. However, who knows how I’d feel if I were in the same situation and circumstances.
    Great blog! I’m glad I found it.

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