Hot Coupon World

This is another tip on how to save money at the grocery store or pharmacy. Who doesn’t need to save money? This week I was able to save $34.08 cents and only spent $91.70. The bulk of my purchase came from Amazon. I buy in bulk through them to get items that I know that I will never have coupons for. It was very easy. I ordered on Monday before I went to work and on Wednesday when I came home my box was sitting on my door step. I now have enough almond meal to last me 2 months and enough of my gum to last me 4 months or more. I saved more than $20 by ordering these two items through Amazon in bulk.

Another way to learn about great deals at the store and where to find coupons is through Hot Coupon World.  They are totally free and I love their easy to use forum. Other people will add the deals that they have scored that week and will share them. Go to the message board for stockpiles and check out people’s pictures of their stockpiles. It was very impressive. A few have hoarding tendencies but most of them are only feeding their family for 3 months out of their stockpiles.

As I mentioned last week we who eat healthy don’t get as many savings as everyone else but we do save if planning carefully. For example: Mike has very dry skin in the winter and goes through several bottles of the itch-defense Curel Lotion. This is the only lotion that he has gotten any relief from. This week Walgreens had it on sale for $5.99 instead of the regular $8.99. I had 2 coupons for $2 off each bottle. I also had a reward return for $3 off from my shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. I had to add some gummy bears into the cart because you can’t have more coupons than items. 

When I got to the cash register my total came to $7.24 for 2 bottles of Curel and a bag of gummy bears. Because I bought 2 bottles of Curel I received a reward return of $5 to use towards my purchase next week. The lotion was something that we needed and would have had to have bought anyway.  Without coupons and sale price,  I would have paid $19.47 for my three items.

It is a bit difficult to save money on groceries when you mainly purchase fresh meat, produce and dairy but it can be done. We all need to bath, clean our homes and many of us have pets to care for and feed. These are the items that we can save money on. Can you share what you saved this week?


2 responses to “Hot Coupon World

  1. Wow! How cool is that!
    I might have to try a coupon.
    I always lose them, or they expire.
    Maybe now it my time!

  2. I’m not into coupons, but I’ll check out the website. We save money on groceries by going to Walmart Supercenter to buy pretty much everything. Their prices are awesomely low. For toilet paper, paper towels, canned food, diapers and the like we go to BJ’s wholesale.

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