Biggest Loser Week 5

This week was not shocking to see Don throw the contest and gain weight again. I was a bit disappointed that Irene had gained when she had been doing so well. I do understand why she did it though.

Is anyone else amazed that the people on the new training team are losing so much more than the team that work out with Bob and Jillian? I know that I am beginning to think that Bob and Jillian’s team might need to take a few classes from the new team. It is amazing.

I was a bit teary when Larialmy was sent home. I do understand why she and her husband agreed that she would be the one to go home. I really hope that Q does what he says that he will do and will work out more.

Each week I am blown away with Rulon and Justin. They are such cheerleaders and motivators. They might be the deciding factor for what is pushing that team to lose such high numbers. What are your thoughts on this?


2 responses to “Biggest Loser Week 5

  1. Now that the “unknowns” are at the ranch – have they begun to prepare their own food or is their food still prepared for them? I think that may be another factor as to why they are losing so much weight.

    • I wonder that too. They no longer have the luxury of having their beds made for them each day either. I kind of got the impression that the cooking ended too and they now had to do exactly what Bob and Jillian’s team were doing. I think perhaps since their food had been premeasured and served to them at the unknown location that they might have learned portion control where Bob and Jillian’s team never had someone doing it for them.

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