Changes Are Coming!!!

I am making a few changes on the blog. I am not going to post weekly menu’s for a while. Now that we are making changes in other areas of our lives I plan to share much of that too. This blog will always be about controlling my Diabetes and sharing new low carb recipes. I hope to share at least 2-3 recipes per week. But now that we are moving towards selling the house and moving onto the farm I am very excited and want to share the struggles along the way.

First of all we have several goals that we want to make for ourselves.

  1. Sell our current house. This means that we have to finish remodeling a few things and stage the house to sell. Mike, being a contractor, already knows which realtor that we should use.  That is one thing that I don’t have to research. We are going to put  a new roof on this house, siding and install the new windows. We have already bought the new windows and now Mike just needs the time to put them in.
  2. We need to get the farm into our name. Everything has been done already. We have to sign and get the insurance started and it is a done deal.
  3. We need to build a road on the farm to get us to the area we want the house to be. Then we have to get city water and electric up there so that the men who work for Mike can build the house. They need electric for the power tools.
  4. Before we sell the house we are getting a storage unit and putting several things in it to stage the house to make it sell faster. This also includes getting a new guest bed.
  5. We are replacing all of the interior doors in the house to match the kitchen cabinets and changing all of the wood trim everywhere too.

We want to have the house on the market by May. Do you think we can do it? We want to become self-sufficient on our farm within 2 years from now. We want chickens, cows and a garden. We want to can what we grow and live off of the land. Our goal is to be completely debt free within 2 years. Mike and I have made a budget and if we really scrimp and save I think we can come close.  So do you plan to stick around with the new changes to the blog? I hope that you do. Perhaps I can share ways that you can save as well and fulfill your own dreams.


11 responses to “Changes Are Coming!!!

  1. You can do it, hon 🙂 Those are attainable goals and very worthwhile. I’ll stay for the journey with you. Good luck to you!

  2. Of course I will be sticking around!
    Changes are good…. gotta love those farm-fresh eggs.
    That’s alot of work in a few months.
    Go for it! And best of luck!

  3. I admire you pioneer attitude! Good luck and with God’s help, I am sure you will succeed!

  4. HOPE and FAITH are the best “muscle” when taking a new life challenge and I’d say you two have them both! I’m excited for you. And what a great way of life for Caleb to be part of!

    I’ll definitely be sticking around!

  5. “This also includes getting a new guest bed.”

    If you are just getting a new guest bed for staging, you can buy cheap a cheap air mattress (maybe two) and use some pillows for a “back board”.

  6. This sounds exciting! I’d love to be more self-sufficient. We’ve got as far as having a garden, that’s about it.

    I’ll be watching for your updates. 🙂

  7. Anyone who can lose and maintain a large weight loss can do anything! We just saw Dave Ramsey live in Nashville and honey – he was overweight!! You got him beat!

    I hope you blog about your home repairs and I hope your house sells quickly for a good price! I’m jealous over your farm!!

    • I would love to take one of his courses but I can’t justify spending that much money to take it. The only debt we have is our mortgage for the current house and my student loan. We will be out of the mortgage by the end of the year and hopefully the student loan within the next year. I don’t think that is too bad. 🙂 I know we could be doing better though.

  8. They sound like lovely goals. It’s so exciting for you all getting a farm and selling your house. I hope everything works out without any problems arising. We too are trying to be debt free within the next 2-3 years, so I know the feeling. I wish you all the best and will be sticking around to hear how everything goes.

  9. This sounds wonderful! I’m always happy to save money, and we live a very frugal life with no credit cards or loans just to stay out of debt, enabling us to survive on very little, I will be thrilled to read Samantha’s occasional posts…and even more thrilled when she gives you another grandchild eventually :).

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