Biggest Loser Week 6

This episode was painful to watch. I found myself crying multiple times when I watched the contestants going through what was very emotional situations. All I could say over and over was, “Arthur what were you thinking?” I can’t believe he threw away Jay and Jennifer and then to take Deni and Sarah to use as sacrificial lambs.

I was shocked. I had expected him to take Rulon and Justin since they were the strongest people on the other team. Instead he hurt so many people. I had been furious with him and then watching Jillian hug Arthur in the gym and tell him it would be okay in the end I softened my heart for him.

I was so glad to see Jennifer get immunity for losing the most weight percentage that week for the team. I was scared that the team would send Jay home since he was new to their team. However, the team stood together and voted off Q. I understood why and believe that I had been there I would have voted for Q as well. When they showed the update at the end I was glad to see that both and his wife had continued to lose weight once they went home.

At the end when Olivia’s 16 pound weight loss caused Bob and Jillian’s team to win for the night I cried with her. Her joy was overwhelming. She worked so hard that week. Marci also did an amazing job.

I really saw Bob and Jillian’s team work harder to lose a higher amount of weight this week. Most of them were in the double digits. I wonder how long Arthur will manage to stay at the ranch? I am guessing the next time Bob and Jillian’s team have to vote one of their team off it will be Arthur.

Other accomplishments:

  • Moses- lost over 100 pounds in 6 weeks breaking a record.
  • Jesse- lost a very large amount of weight
  • Marci- lost a large amount of weight
  • Bob and Jillian’s team won the challenge.
  • Arthur betrayed his team to try to save himself.

2 responses to “Biggest Loser Week 6

  1. I don’t watch the show – but it seems like it mirrors the struggles of daily life….in weight-loss form!

  2. I was stunned by his shocking decision. I just couldn’t believe it. This episode was very dramatic! Thanks for the re-cap.

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