Why Your Grocery Bill Will Double In 2011 and What You Can Do About It

On Saturday, I watched a 45 minute video titled, “Why your grocery bill double and what you can do about it” by Marjory Wildcraft. You can watch the video at this link.

Video Link

Ms Wildcraft gave me a lot to think about and offered ways to survive without going bankrupt when food prices soar. She mentioned that each grocery store only has a 4 day supply of food if for some reason trucks were not able to bring daily supplies.  Recently in areas where large storms have occurred the store shelves were bare within a couple of days because everyone went into survival mode and hit the stores running.

Wouldn’t it be nice to plan ahead for emergencies and be prepared? She also mentioned that due to oil prices increasing that the cost of food is going to at the very least double. Shell quoted that in 2011 they expect gasoline to soar to $5 a gallon. This of course will affect food prices as well as vacation, travel and availability of items.

She mentioned that we have already seen a 26% increase in the cost of food this year. She suggest that you store what you eat. She also suggest you plant a garden and breaks down how much you need of certain items. I highly suggest watching her video. It was eye-opening for me. I hope to eventually have rain barrels on my farm to catch water from the roof of our home in order to sustain our garden and animals.

I loved the water system she had with her chicken coop that provided a way to constantly supply water to her chickens using rain water. She mentioned that 30 countries have already banned exporting food because they are experiencing a food crisis and want to sustain their own people. This number of countries doing this is expecting to increase. The United States does not have a surplus of food. It is up to us to plan ahead and grow our food and can it to sustain us throughout the year.

Here is my question for my readers. Try answering the following questions and let’s try to have a dialogue. I want to learn from you how best to provide for my family.

  1. Do you garden?
  2. How many are in your family?
  3. How large is your garden?
  4. Do you can what you grow?
  5. Do you stockpile items when you can get them at good price?
  6. How long do you believe your family could go if necessary without going to the store and not go hungry?
  7. Do you have a cellar to store your food?
  8. Do you raise your own animals to eat?

Ms Wildcraft stated that she has a free newsletter that you can subscribe to where she offers advice on how to be self-sufficient.


There was so much important information on her video. I hope that if you watch it you share your opinions here.


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