Stylish Blogger Award

I have been recognized with a Stylish Blogger Award from a wonderful blog, Swimtaxi234.  This is a new blog for me but I love it. She spoils her dogs as much I do. I could be best friends with this woman. You should never trust anyone that doesn’t like pets. Words to live by. 🙂
For winning the award, I was asked to complete two tasks.  We need to share 7 things about us that you might not know and then recognize 7 other blogs that we think are stylish.

Here are our 7 things you might not have known about us:

  1. I am Pentecostal. Yep, I am a Holy Roller. LOL
  2. I was terrified of dogs until a few years ago. I will have to hang my head in shame if my daughter tells you one of her favorite “Oh Mom!” stories from her childhood. LOL
  3. When I was a child I refused to eat for several days. It turns out that I thought that if I ate until my body filled up I would die. LOL
  4. I am the youngest of 6 siblings.
  5. I would love to marry my husband all over again.
  6. I want my daughter to have a baby. What? You all knew that? hahaha
  7. I love having projects to do and some people believe that I border on OCD. haha

Now I want to suggest 7 blogs that I believe deserve the Stylish Blogger Award.

  1. Heart of a Country Home
  2. Chickens in the Road
  3. Rural Revolution
  4. The Maaaa of Pricilla
  5. Life on a Southern Farm
  6. Lucy’s Blog: Walking The Low Way Barefoot
  7. The Big Red Barn

5 responses to “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Ah, thank you! I’m with you on #5 – I’d marry my husband all over again. It’s been 20 years since we first said “I do” and we are just now REALLY finding ourselves and each other. It’s been wonderful!

    AND yes, we all know about #6!LOL!

  2. I already visit Rural Revolution daily, but I will enjoy reading the other blogs too.

  3. Yes, yes. My mom is afraid of dogs. Here’s the story.

    We frequently went to pick up movies from a friend. They had a very ‘ferocious’ (sweet and cute actually, great dog) dog that greeted everyone at the door and my mom was afraid of him. Her solution? Send her first born child to go get the movies.

    I asked her one day why she didn’t go to the door herself. She said she was afraid of the dog. I asked her what she thought the dog would do. She said attack her.

    “So you send me instead?”

    She never answered.

    What do you think this means?

  4. Oh, how sweet! I am honored that I made your list! Congrats on your award. 🙂

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