Is it really Sunday already?

Is it really Sunday already? Wow, this week seems to have escaped me and tomorrow I go back to work. I am not ready. I have too much to do here at home. This week Mike got the new trim up on the baseboards in the master bedroom. He also stained and added a new door. This is picture of one of the hall closets that we haven’t changed yet. You can see how dark the doors are that we are replacing.

This is the after. I love this color. We changed the door knob to rubbed bronze. Speaking of rubbed bronze.

We took down the ceiling fan and spray painted the brass sections with the rubbed bronze as well. I love the look. The first pic is the before and the second is the after. We also flipped the fan blades over to only use the wood side. What do you think?

I keep making trips to the stores to find the right curtains. I bought an unusual quilt for the bedding and finding curtains to match it hasn’t been easy. I think I may have found one yesterday and hopefully this will work. I am going to the store later today to see if actually matches in person. It is difficult to tell shades online.

Last night we went to Lowes and bought the trim work for the new window that we will be putting in Caleb’s room. We also bought the closet door for his room as well. He spent yesterday with us and I had a great time with him. We went shopping for pillows, curtains and new shoes. This is a pic of him in the backseat of my car on the way there.  Don’t worry. Grandpa was driving. 🙂

It is hard to believe that he will be 3 in 2 weeks. It seems as if he has always been in our lives. He is such a great kid. He is excited about the move to a farm. He keeps telling me that we need to get a horse and a moo cow. The more that we think about it I think we need a moo cow too. 🙂 I am dreaming of being on the farm and making my own butter and cheeses. 🙂


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