Biggest Loser Week 9

I was not shocked to see Arthur tossed out this week. As soon as they said they were doing the 5K over again and it would be the same rules I knew that Arthur would end up on the red team. I am glad that Jen made it back to the black team and I applaud Sara for preferring to be out of her comfort zone. I think she will do much better on the team with a mother figure there for her.

I cried during the family visits. After having lost so much weight I know how it feels to have people show their support of you. It was very good to see them all so happy.

This weeks show had me wondering what was meant by different comments.

  1. What home stressors is Jay having?
  2. Why didn’t Moses do very well when he got home?
  3. Why would Courtney go back to working in the fast food restaurant? Her family also owns a gym. She needs to be working there instead.

What else did you notice on this weeks show?


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